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Posted February 04, 2014 by

7 Word Question to Ask During Your Entry Level Job Search

When applying for an entry level job, you must think about the employer’s needs.  Ask yourself a seven word question found in the following post.

There’s a short, 7-word phrase that should be a key part of your career development and personal branding arsenal – the thing that differentiates you from everyone else. And those seven words are… “What can I do to help you?”

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Posted January 30, 2014 by

Try Out Candidates for Recent College Graduate Jobs Before Hiring Them

Employers, have you thought about some way to try out candidates for recent college graduate jobs before actually hiring them?  It might not be a bad idea, according to the following post.

Automattic employs 225 people. We’re located all over the world, in 190 different cities. We have a headquarters in San Francisco and it operates similar to a coworking space. For employees who live in the Bay Area, they can work from the office, if they’d like. But in general, the majority of our employees work

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Posted December 18, 2013 by

Doubts about Taking that Entry Level Job in Sales? How It Can Benefit Your Career

So, you’ve been offered an entry level job in sales, which sounds good.  However, are you concerned that you may not like what you will do on the job?  If yes, then the following post may convince you enough to take the position.

Most college students are absolutely petrified of those entry level sales jobs that require cold calling. Others feel they are “too smart” or that they just spent way too much money on their college degree to sit on the phone and…

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Posted December 03, 2013 by

5 Types of Emails for Your Entry Level Job Search

During your entry level job search, you may need to send specific email responses.  In the following post, learn five types of emails you can create to use when necessary.

Tim Kreider lit a fire under the blogosphere in late October with a New York Times column called “Slaves of the Internet, Unite!” In the piece, Kreider gripes about young writers who contribute to web sites and receive no compensation. Kreider recommends aspiring young folk turn down pro-bono opportunities and

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Posted November 19, 2013 by

5 “C” Words that Can Make a Difference in Winning an Interview for an Entry Level Job

What are five things you can do to enhance your resume to get an interview and hopefully an entry level job?  They begin with the letter “C” and are found in the following post.

The purpose of a resume is to convince the hiring manager or the recruiter that you are the best (or one of the best) candidate for the job. It is not an easy task to come through convincingly if you are an entry-level applicant or a career changer; but with some effort

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Posted October 09, 2013 by

What Does Job Hopping Mean for Entry Level Job Seekers and Recruiters?

When a recruiter or an employer hears the term job hopping, it is likely to receive a negative reaction.  Today, however, the concept may be the new normal.  In the following post, learn what job hopping means for entry level job seekers and recruiters.

Your resume shows you haven’t stayed at any particular job for very long. Does this say to recruiters “unreliable and disloyal”, or “experienced”? This debate has been a hot topic among career experts in the recent months. With Gen Y in the workforce, new trends are showing, and this is certainly one of them. Of

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Posted September 18, 2013 by

Ready to Leave Your Entry Level Job and Change Careers? Avoid These 3 Mistakes Along the Way

Even though you may want to leave your entry level job as soon as possible and find a different career, be sure to take your time.  The following post has three mistakes to avoid when making a career change.

You’re miserable in your job, you were fed up with your previous job and you’re slowly coming to the conclusion that the industry you chose for yourself as an undergraduate isn’t working out the way you’d hoped. You’ve decided it’s time to make a career change. Many people

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Posted August 26, 2013 by

Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs in the Creative Industry? Tips to Highlight Your Resume

If you are searching for recent graduate jobs in the creative field, you need to pay careful attention to your resume.  In order to impress potential employers, learn some tips to highlight your resume in the following post.

Do you aspire to work in a creative industry? A job where you’re able to be innovative on a daily basis: social media, Web designer, marketing manager, interactive or graphic designers? Beware: the creative world moves fast and can be cut-throat. Here’s how you set yourself apart with your resume: 1. Portfolio If you work in

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Posted August 07, 2013 by

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your Chances of Finding an Entry Level Job?

You have probably heard how poor use of social media can negatively affect your chances of finding a job.  If you are a LinkedIn user searching for an entry level job, make sure your profile is one that potential employers will take seriously by correcting mistakes on your profile, such as the ones in the following post.

When was the last time you took a close look at your LinkedIn profile? When someone finds you on LinkedIn and you make a poor impression, that’s a business opportunity lost. It could have been a new client. It could have been a new business partner. It could have been a referral. Who knows?

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Posted July 11, 2013 by

Young Professionals, How Far Do You Want to Take Those Recent College Graduate Jobs?

Do you have any career goals as a young professional?  For example, if you aspire to be like your boss one day, you’ll likely observe how he or she is in the workplace.  The following post explains what may or may not lead those with recent college graduate jobs to this level of career success.

So many people question whether or not they want to quit their jobs. I’ve quit a couple jobs in my short career (hopefully I’ll never have to have another “job” to quit again), and I can tell you that if you’re thinking about quitting your job, there’s one question you

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Do You Want To Become Your Boss?