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Posted October 26, 2015 by

Women in Technology: An Interview of College Recruiter CEO Faith Rothberg by Ruoting Jia

Faith Rothberg, CEO of College Recruiter

Faith Rothberg, CEO of College Recruiter

Diversity means different things to different people. Most believe that adding diversity to an organization’s workforce is a positive goal while others continue to believe that diversity isn’t relevant to job performance or even detrimental. There are now many studies which show that the more diverse an organization, the more productive is its workforce.

Regardless of your beliefs, almost all would agree that diversity is typically centered around race. But one area of diversity which is gaining increasing attention is gender. The media has recently begun covering the problems that San Francisco Bay area technology companies are having both recruiting and retaining women and not just in their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) roles but also in sales, marketing, customer service, and other non-STEM roles. (more…)