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Posted July 11, 2012 by

6 Salary Negotiation Tips for Recent College Grads

Mortar Board Graduation Cap on Top of Pile of MoneyAre you interviewing for a new job and getting the point where the hiring manager, recruiter, or other human resource professional is asking you how much money you want? If so, welcome to the world of salary negotiations. Don’t dread it. Embrace it. You’re in a rare position to substantially impact your compensation by helping to convince your future employer how much you deserve to be paid. These six salary negotiation tips may just make the difference between you being underpaid and therefore probably being unhappy versus you being paid what you deserve and therefore more likely to be happy in your new job: (more…)

Posted December 08, 2008 by

Salary Talk During the Job Interview

Even though you may have gone through a phone screening that involved answering questions about salary, the subject may come again as the interviewer becomes more interested in hiring you. At this point the interviewer want to know whether they can “afford you.” This is a very tricky part of the interview and could even break your chances of getting the job. Tread lightly and protect your information is the rule.
Here are some sample questions and answers to assist you in formulating your own answers to questions about salary during the interview. Some of the answers are stronger than others and some will fit certain situations better than others. You will want to use your own words to answer this type of question however these examples will provide words to use that may be more affective in answering these difficult questions.
Q “What are Your Salary Expectations?”
A#1 – “I was making $60,000 at my last job, plus bonuses. I would be expecting at least that and a 15-20% increase.:
(This is not a good answer)
A#2 – “I’m sure whatever you offer will be a fair amount for a person with my qualifications. Salary is not the most important factor to me. I’m looking for opportunity.”
(This is a somewhat weak answer)
A#3 – “I really need more information about the job before we start to discuss salary. I’d like to postpone that discussion until later. Maybe you could tell me what is budgeted for the position, and how your commission structure works.”
(This is the best answer)