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Posted August 24, 2012 by

How Is Your Rejection Process?

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

I sat with a recruiting team this week to discuss aligning staffing with their business strategy. In this case, the strategy was inclusive of how those not hired felt about the company and its brand. For some of their positions, each candidate could be a future customer, future employee, or potential competitor. Holding those thoughts in focus for a moment triggers some questions about the candidate experience. (more…)

Posted August 23, 2012 by

Employers Using Video Interviewing to Recruit College Graduates

As college graduates search for jobs, they may asked to participate in video interviewing as part of the recruiting process.  Learn more about this recruiting strategy, as well as other information in the following infographic. (more…)

Posted August 13, 2012 by

Candidate Experience: A Waste of Time? NOT!

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

In his recent blog, Tim Sackett suggests HR may be wasting its time with focus on the candidate experience.  I beg to differ.

Tim suggests great companies to work for are hard to get into because they hire the best.  Being able to hire the best is a result of not only a great candidate experience, but also a great recruiter experience.

Both the candidate and the recruiter need an experience that improves their ability to decide if this job opportunity is a good fit.  Companies that do not pay attention to the candidate experience are more challenged to make the best hiring decision because they have not designed a process that obtains the best data to make the most informed decision. (more…)

Posted August 09, 2012 by

Realistic job preview – unrealistic expectations?


Editor’s note: We pulled out this article from the archives because we thought it was still a relevant message that recruiters should carry forward. The fire hose of applicants is still very real, although now we talk a lot more about the candidate experience. The challenge of retaining new hires also relates here–it all ties into giving candidates a realistic job preview. Employers will find author Joe Murphy’s comments good food for thought. 

Conversations about Realistic Job Preview (RJP) are on the rise.  In the past six months I have had an unusually high number of discussions with corporate talent leaders about methods to help the candidate make a more informed decision.  Why the increased interest?  Talent teams want to address a problem that won’t actually be solved by giving a realistic job preview – to stop unqualified candidates from applying, to stop the flood of resume  spam, to reduce the flow of applicants.  Realistic Job Preview, while an important tool in the recruiting process, will not reverse the deluge of applicants the sourcing engines have created.  (more…)