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Posted June 06, 2014 by

Want to Enhance Your Resume When Searching Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Consider These 12 College Experiences

For students who want to capture the interest of potential employers when searching jobs for recent college graduates, consider these 12 college experiences to enhance your resumes in the following post.

We are long past the time when a college degree is all you need to get a job when you graduate. You need to show relevant experience… even if that experience didn’t come from the workplace, but from on-campus activities. Leadership roles, stints as campus ambassador, internships, and so many more

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Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 17 Realities Facing Grads

For those of you about to search for recent college graduate jobs, you should be aware of 17 realities facing graduates that are found in the following post.

It’s ONLY a selfie. That’s the argument from graduating students at the University of South Florida. School officials at USF have asked grads to not snap selfies as they receive diplomas. A quote from the Associated Press: “I don’t have an anti-selfie bent,” said Michael Freeman, the USF dean who made the selfie rule. “I would just caution students to think

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21 Tips to Land Recent College Graduate Jobs in the New Year

For recent or soon to be graduates looking to land recent college graduate jobs in the new year, the following post has 21 job search tips to get them started.

Whether you’re a recent grad entering your first real job search, or a young professional looking to upgrade, finding your way to “you’re hired” can be tough. We often find ourselves navigating through the process alone; figuring out what works and what doesn’t by trial and error. I’d like to take away some of

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Turning Today’s New Hire Recent Grad into Tomorrow’s Star: @OperationsInc at #truCollegeRecruiter

Minneapolis, MN – [November 4, 2013] –, the leading niche job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities, is pleased to announce that David Lewis of OperationsInc and AllCountyJobs will lead a discussion track on Turning Today’s New Hire Recent Grad into Tomorrow’s Star at #truCollegeRecruiter New York City and that tickets are now available at for our fourth, fifth, and sixth recruiting events for hiring managers, recruiters, and other human resource leaders. (more…)

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Did anyone here put themselves through college?

Female graduate holding piggyback with savings for education

Female graduate holding piggybank with savings for education. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you believe you did, see if any of the criteria in the following post confirm your feeling.

I was speaking to some recent grad friends of mine and one commented, that no college kids put themselves through school b/c parents pay for everything. My response, immediate b.s. I’m inclined to think “most” students (I prefer to call them kids) don’t but a few do. (more…)

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Your future is now: 3 must-dos for the job-hunting recent grad

A recent college graduate

A recent college graduate. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Life is full of stages, and college graduation is one of the big ones. It wasn’t too long ago that you moved on from your teens, closing that book and leaving behind habits, rituals and beliefs that, while serious stuff back then, are ill suited for life as a twenty something.

Whether you’re just about to graduate or you’ve recently walked across that stage, it’s high time you realize that there’s now a part of your life you’ll refer to as “back in college.” (more…)

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Recent Grads: 10 tips to improve your job search (Part 2)

CollegeRecruiter.comFinding a job requires having a plan.  The following post offers more tips for recent college graduates who need to establish an effective job search.

Do you have a clear goal for your job search plan? Do you have processes set up to support you throughout? In my last post we talked about the first five suggestions I have for improving your job search. They were: 1. Set a goal. 2. Create a structured workspace. 3. Create your personal profiles. 4.

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Recent Grads: 10 tips to improve your job search (Part 2)

Posted November 21, 2012 by

New Grad: Why should they hire you?

CollegeRecruiter.comBefore applying for jobs, recent college graduates should know what they have to offer.  In the following post, learn how graduates can show their value to potential employers.

If you can learn how to state your value proposition to find a job, you stand a better chance of being picked as the perfect candidate. Get the No More Back to School Audio Series. Click here to download.(It’s FREE!) I worked recently with a very accomplished Division

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New Grad: Why should they hire you?