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Posted May 19, 2014 by

Not Satisfied with Recent Graduate Jobs Due to Underemployment? How to Get the Most Out of It

For young professionals on recent graduate jobs who are unhappy being underemployed, the following post offers advice on making the most of these positions for the future.

50 percent of recent college graduates were either unemployed or underemployed. Underemployed means you have a job, but it might be part-time and it’s definitely below your skill set, education and capability. This is the position I found myself in three months after graduating. However, I wasn’t satisfied with being underemployed.

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Posted March 25, 2014 by

Following Up about Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Do So without Annoying Employers

If you’re following up about jobs for recent college graduates, be careful not to overdo it.  The following post has advice on showing persistence in your job search without becoming annoying.

There’s a fine line between being persistent and a pest. It’s in your best interest to learn where that line is because contacting employers directly is the best approach to landing a job.

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Posted February 26, 2014 by

Etching a Meme Career is a Profession Fast Emerging in Virtual Sarcasm

Funny inspirational quote relating to coffee

Funny inspirational quote relating to coffee. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Many intriguing expression trends evolved with social media. The most interesting one is the culture of memes. Essentially, these represent the artistic representation of sarcasm. Sites such as Facebook unlocked communication opportunities like never before. People feeling the need to express their discontent about something or anything widely choose social media. Now, in the big picture of sociopolitical context, direct communication is not always encouraged. (more…)

Posted February 21, 2014 by

Internship Finder, How Many Positions Do You Need Before Job Searching?

Some college students and recent graduates might believe they need a certain number of internships before starting their job searches.  So, as an internship finder, how many of these positions does a student or grad need?  Find out in the following post.

You may already have some professional experience from several internships. Or perhaps you’re exploring internships for the first time… maybe even as a recent graduate. In any case, it’s likely you’re pondering one of the most common internship-related questions… By the time I look for my first real job, how many internships should I have on my resume

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Posted February 19, 2014 by

Networking to Establish a Personal Brand to Help Your Search for Recent Graduate Jobs? Don’t Make These 9 Mistakes

Networking is a great opportunity to create a personal brand for yourself, which could also help your search for recent graduate jobs.  However, there are nine mistakes that could hurt your brand, according to the following post.

You may not know it yet, but while you are working hard to build a respectable personal brand – you may be doing the exact opposite. While you labor to extend your contact list and sphere of influence – you are actually limiting your potential. All because you’re making these nine easily fixable rookie networking mistakes:

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Posted December 24, 2013 by

Tuesday is the Most Productive Work Day

The word Tuesday in multiple colors

The word Tuesday in multiple colors. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you want to get your biggest tasks done on the job, then Tuesday may be the day for you to be the most productive.  Learn more in the following post. (more…)

Posted December 02, 2013 by

Recruiting Candidates for Entry Level Jobs? Don’t Get Caught Up in Job Titles Only

Recruiters who only consider job titles when considering candidates for entry level jobs could be missing out on the best employees for their companies.  Learn why recruiters shouldn’t get caught up in titles only in the following post.

How many times have you wondered where you made a mistake when choosing a final candidate who turned out to be wrong for the position? When interviewing hundreds of people and looking through thousands of resumes, we tend to pay too much attention to job titles. But does a job title tell you everything about the candidate? Does it

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Posted November 26, 2013 by

Looking for a Career in Real Estate? What You Can Do to Make Yourself Standout

Foreclosure home for sale sign in front of house

Foreclosure home for sale sign in front of house. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

A career in real estate often ends up being a very lucrative one, but that doesn’t mean that building a career in the business is easy. In fact, because of the relatively low entry requirements for becoming a real estate agent, many areas are practically flooded with more than can make an exceptional living.

However, if you’re passionate about real estate, don’t assume that you’re never going to make it in the field. You simply have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Use these six tips to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack in the real estate game. (more…)

Posted October 14, 2013 by

What to do before applying for a graduate scheme

Young woman in cap and gown looking at newspaper

Young woman in cap and gown looking at newspaper. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Right after university comes the mad rush to get a well paying job. Grad students running frantically from pillar to post to land that one good position in a company.  Among them, many are lucky enough to get a position on one of the coveted graduate schemes offered by the companies. However, is it luck really? Some hard work, organisational skills and planning can still land you that graduate scheme that you want so badly.

The media and almost everybody around will tell you the nightmarish tales of recession and spout statistics of unemployment. Don’t let that discourage you from applying or thinking that you will never make it. The ideal time to start applying is after you get back from your summer vacations in your final year. Start looking at potential jobs and graduate schemes that you would like to apply for. (more…)

Posted August 01, 2013 by

Find an Entry Level Job By Creating the Business You Want

If you have your heart set on working for yourself to find an entry level job, think about creating a business that works for your lifestyle.  The following post has more information.

I was asked to describe success early in my career as Savvy Media’s CEO. I gave the standard money, cash, homes, “living the dream” bit. But then I was asked: “Best case scenario, what would your ideal life look like? Thousands of employees? Hundreds of offices? Fortune 500 clients?” I hated every option I

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Build a Business That Fits Your Life