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Posted April 29, 2014 by

PR Internship Finder, Tips to Make it Through Fashion Week

If you’re a PR internship finder who needs some tips to make it during fashion week, you can find them in the following post.

Featured: Featured My friend and fellow-CEO, Alyson Roy, is a huge publicist in NYC. Aly and I met as interns at the NYU Summer dorms (of course!). Aly is one of my closest friends and we see each other everytime I’m in NYC. Aly always takes on some great fashion interns so I asked her to write

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Posted September 05, 2013 by

PR Internship Finder, How to Succeed in Your Interview

If you are an internship finder who is looking to land a position, your interview could make or break your chances.  To give yourself a shot at this type of internship, learn some interview tips in the following post.

Featured: Not Featured Because of intense competition, PR internships are difficult to land. There are a number of strong candidates in the job market, each one worthy of the position being offered. This is why it’s essential to bring along some original ideas, a strong work ethic, a broad knowledge of the industry and a resume that effectively

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