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Posted February 11, 2014 by

LinkedIn Not Helping Your Entry Level Job Search? Two Possible Reasons Why

If LinkedIn has not been helpful to your entry level job search, consider two possible reasons why in the following post.

When you talk with employers and recruiters, they usually tell you that they love LinkedIn. In the LinkedIn Group I run, however, I asked members to share their LinkedIn success stories. Instead, many job seekers made comments that were fairly negative. So, why don’t job seekers share this enthusiasm for LinkedIn? I see two basic misunderstandings…

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Posted November 19, 2013 by

Entry Level Job Seekers, 5 Tips from Recruiters to Make Your LinkedIn Profiles More Effective

In the following post, recruiters have five tips for entry level job seekers to make their LinkedIn profiles more effective.

Even though LinkedIn is the number one online tool for professional recruiters, the experience is often frustrating. Many recruiters fail to find the candidates they need – not because of problems with the site itself, but because simple profile mistakes by candidates. With that in mind, here are the top 5 things recruiters wish you knew about LinkedIn…

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Posted August 07, 2013 by

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your Chances of Finding an Entry Level Job?

You have probably heard how poor use of social media can negatively affect your chances of finding a job.  If you are a LinkedIn user searching for an entry level job, make sure your profile is one that potential employers will take seriously by correcting mistakes on your profile, such as the ones in the following post.

When was the last time you took a close look at your LinkedIn profile? When someone finds you on LinkedIn and you make a poor impression, that’s a business opportunity lost. It could have been a new client. It could have been a new business partner. It could have been a referral. Who knows?

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Posted May 13, 2013 by

Tips for Professional Headshots in Social Media profiles

Businessman working in his office

Businessman working in his office. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Having the right photo for people to immediately connect to online not only puts a face to your profile but also adds credibility to content of your profile itself.

When job hunting, it’s important to get your image across to every potential employer possible. Whilst a headshot on a written résumé isn’t necessary or advised, it’s vital that you include a professional snapshot of you on every online, social media platform you will be using. Social media and the online content associated with your name are important. If the viewer can associate an image with the content it will have a longer lasting effect and will also add credibility to what they read. (more…)