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Posted March 11, 2014 by

How to Show an Employer that You Really Want an Entry Level Job

Sometimes, an employer may not be sure whether or not you are interested in an entry level job opportunity.  In order to show him or her that you want a position, the following post has tips for overcoming three assumptions that are made about applicants.

According to a recent survey: for every job posting, an employer receives an average of 250 applications and resumes. The same survey showed only 10% of those applicants were actually qualified for the job. This flood of unqualified interest, unfortunately, makes recruiters somewhat jaded and suspicious of all job seekers. More important, this causes three assumptions employers to be made about

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Posted January 13, 2014 by

Life After Landing Your Dream Job

Smiling young professional businessman

Smiling young professional businessman. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Whether it was years of hard work and study that brought you to this point or just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, your dream job has become a reality. Along with the opportunity to use newly learned skills comes a bigger paycheck, more responsibility and greater job security. It’s the culmination of your life’s work and now you have it. But what comes next? (more…)

Posted December 10, 2013 by

Trying to Attract Candidates for Entry Level Jobs? 5 Recruiting Challenges You Can Overcome

It may not always be easy for recruiters to find talent for entry level jobs.  Why?  The following post has five recruiting challenges and how to overcome them.

Unless you’re an in-house recruiter at Apple or Google — two highly sought-after places of employment that enjoy an endless stream of resumes — you probably struggle with the same recruiting issues most companies face. Particularly with a continued talent shortage, recruiting can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Here’s how to solve a few common recruiting issues

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Posted December 09, 2013 by

Searching for or Have Recent Graduate Jobs? 5 Questions You May Want Answers to

If you are searching for or have been hired for recent graduate jobs, the following post has five questions and answers you might want answers to.

That said, if the job they’re hiring for is an entry-level position too, it’s not crazy to have them do an initial screen of candidates, culling the pool down for whoever will do more in-depth interviews later in the process. (But not if…

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Posted December 02, 2013 by

Leaving Recent Graduate Jobs to Go Out on Your Own? The Steps You Should Take

At some point, young professionals may want to leave their recent graduate jobs, and go out on their own to become entrepreneurs.  Before making this change, there are some steps these workers should take according to the following post.

How do you confidently make the leap from corporate employee to entrepreneur or consultant? If you want to make it on your own, there are three important steps many successful entrepreneurs take before they head out. While some folks get lucky or find a way to make it work without much

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Posted November 11, 2013 by

Searching Jobs for Recent College Graduates? 10 Myths to Remember

As candidates searching jobs for recent college graduates, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the information you hear about the job search.  However, don’t believe everything you read or hear about.  The following post has 10 myths to remember as you pursue a new position.

Deciding on a career path can be a complicated process. To make matters worse, you’re bound to run into a ton of bad advice, outdated clichs, and ridiculously simplistic maxims. So you can familiarize yourself with the facts (and fictions) of deciding on a career, we’ve rounded up the worst job myths

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Posted September 23, 2013 by

4 Reasons You Should Negotiate a Raise (But Never Spend the Money)

Jim Hopkinson

Jim Hopkinson, contributing writer

When asking for a raise or promotion, many people ask the wrong way and ask for the wrong reasons.

The wrong way to ask is to walk into your boss’ office and beg for a raise, demand a raise, or give an ultimatum. The wrong reasons to justify an increase are excuses like you need the money for rent, you heard that a friend of yours makes more than you, or you want to buy that new Jaguar convertible you saw on TV.

In fact, if you’re like many Americans, even if you get that raise, you’ve already spent the additional money before it even clears direct deposit.  According to a CNN/Money survey, 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, 50% have less than a three-month cushion, and 27% had no savings at all. (more…)

Posted September 17, 2013 by

Internship Finder, 4 Myths You Might Hear About

As an intern, you may hear a variety of things about internships.  However, that doesn’t mean everything you hear is true.  In the following post, learn four myths you may come across as an internship finder.

Featured: Featured I was listening to an interview I did with the Washington Post TV about internships. Check it out HERE. While I was listening, I came up with these 4 myths about internships. Enjoy! 1. The goal of the internship is to land a job at THAT company. The goal of the internship is the experience. The goal

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Posted August 27, 2013 by

Employers, Are Your Clients in Last Place? 10 Indicators They Might Be

Most, if not all, employers would probably say that customer satisfaction is important.  However, where does it rank among their priorities, first or last?  In the following post, learn 10 indicators that might prove the latter.

Any entrepreneur willing to endure the proverbial “blood, sweat, and tears” it takes to start a business knows how important clients are. They write the checks that pay the bills. So keeping them satisfied is rarely just lip service. In fact, most business owners believe they are putting their clients first. But according to Joseph Callaway, what they don’t realize is they’ve developed an array of bad habits that accomplish just the opposite. (more…)

Posted February 13, 2013 by

How to Tell if You Enjoy Your Job or if It’s Just a Paycheck

Just a PaycheckDo you love your job? Or has that honeymoon phase of your first job out of college transitioned instead to a dull and monotonous everyday chore? When asked what you do, do your eyes glaze over momentarily before you desperately try to change the subject? Are you going places in your career? Or just cashing it in?

If doubts—whether small or substantial—about your job are becoming a more frequent part of your daily life, perhaps it’s time to really reflect on your situation. (more…)