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Posted April 14, 2016 by

Fraudulent job postings target college students

Fraudulent job postings, left unchecked, can prove truly harmful to college students and recent grads. Recently, an organization calling itself HYDROCK, Inc, LLC, posted fraudulent job postings for college students. Thankfully, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota received reports about the fraudulent postings and alerted employers, job seekers, and recruitment media companies like College Recruiter about the questionable job postings.

The postings boasted of positions allowing students flexible hours/scheduling “to avoid conflicts between classes or other business.” Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Upon further investigation, that was the case with this posting.

College students and recent grads should be leery of shady job postings. If applicants run across job postings like this (or are approached by companies after posting their resumes online), they should consider the following warning signs that may indicate signs of fraudulence:

  • You will receive a check up front, prior to beginning work.
  • You will work a minimal number of hours but receive a large income in return.
  • You are asked to submit your Social Security number or very sensitive personal information to a company prior to the face-to-face interview and acceptance of the position.
  • As part of the position, you will be required to transfer money or reship goods.
  • The company claims to be located in another country.
  • The position does not list any minimum qualifications for education or experience.
  • The job posting contains grammatical, mechanical, or stylistic errors.
  • The company claims to have been in business for years, but the website was only recently created.

Faith Rothberg, CEO of College Recruiter, recently discussed the topic of fraudulent job postings with Pete Weddle, the Vice President of TATech. Faith will be moderating a panel discussion at the TATech Industry Congress this weekend, April 16-17, in Orlando, Florida.

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Faith and Pete both believe that if College Recruiter and other recruitment media companies take action to prevent scammers from successfully reaching candidates, they will help make a difference in fighting this ongoing battle against fraudulent job postings.

“At College Recruiter, we believe every student and recent grad deserves to get started in a great career. Having quality job postings is necessary to reaching this goal,” Faith Rothberg states. “We also believe that talent acquisition leaders deserve to have a place to connect with candidates, a place which showcases quality positions they have to offer. This is what College Recruiter offers. College Recruiter’s extensive filtering system ensures that the jobs on our site are quality postings and are limited strictly to those with 0-3 years of experience.”

Need help managing job postings? Reach out to College Recruiter—we’re here to help.

Posted May 13, 2008 by

Success With Online Job Posting Sites

Recent college grads with online resumes are more competitive in the online recruiting market than those without. Every potential grad needs an e-portfolio to successfully market their qualifications on online job posting sites. Job seekers must remember three important steps in using online job posting sites: use industry related keywords in your resume, include PDF files or links to your published work, and practice consistency.
Use Industry-Related Keywords For Your Resume
Recruiters use search engines (or protocols) to find the best candidates for current openings within their organization. If your resume lacks proper keywords, research the highest-ranked terms used in your industry. For instance, a computer programmer’s resume will include industry-related keywords such as HTML and Java. The keywords associated to your industry are vital to catching the eye of a recruiter.
Include PDF Files or Links
Have you published an article online? Recruiters love to look into the minds of potential candidates. Your ability to write arguments and/or concise articles will attract more recruiters to your profile. If you want an advantage, register with and receive a free e-portfolio to include PDF files or links to published work with your resume. If you want to acquire a position as an informative IT tech grad, you have to show your qualifications through consistency. Think of the consequences of your work before you publish your next article.

Practice Consistency on Each Job Board

Are you consistent? Recruiters will Google your name in the search engines just to learn about you. As stated in previous articles, the wave of talent has increased recruiters’ weariness of prospective candidates. Credibility is number one on online job posting sites because the web is expanding to unforeseen horizons. Your information should remain the same on each online job board unless you are searching for different positions. If you are looking for multiple positions, ensure your profiles and e-portfolios are consistent.