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Posted August 29, 2013 by

Want Career Advancement from Your Entry Level Job? 10 Reasons that Will Hold You Back

If you are dreaming of moving up the career ladder of success from your entry level job, you don’t want to say or do anything to hurt your chances.  The following post highlights 10 reasons that will hold you back from career advancement.

One of the biggest things that professionals are often blinded by are actions that lead to workplace drama. Workplace drama is typically so heavily frowned upon by management that even a high-performer, who might be labeled as a “troublemaker,” will often be one of the first fired during downsizing or organizational realignment. While I think you should

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Posted August 20, 2013 by

About to Begin Your Entry Level Job? How to Handle Adversity When it Comes

As a recent graduate, you may be excited about starting your new entry level job.  However, don’t be surprised if a little adversity comes your way on the job.  The following post offers advice on handling tough times in your career.

The most efficient, progressive companies are full of innovative, driven employees. Many times, you’ll find yourself part of that solution. But at certain points in your job, you feel drained. You stop enjoying Mondays. Your mood changes. You find yourself less optimistic. You can stare at the computer for hours with nearly zero productivity. You become your

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Posted August 06, 2013 by

From Entry Level Job to Management – How to be an Effective Manager as a Young Professional

If you’re a young professional who has been promoted from an entry level job into management, you want other employees to respect you.  The following post has tips to help you become an effective manager at work.

Our generation is entering management positions decades earlier than those before us. And let me tell you, lack of experience and training in management is a dangerous combination. I was promoted to a leadership position at 26, less than one year after I’d been hired at entry-level. I sucked. I had no clue how

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Posted July 24, 2013 by

Internship Finder, Sometimes You May Need to Say No

As an intern, you may be hesitant to say no because you want to make a good impression on your employer.  However, there may be times when doing so is necessary.  The following post has advice on what an internship finder can do in this situation.

Interested in government and nonprofit work? Check out MPA@UNC – an online graduate degree program to help you rock your career while you keep your day job. Learn more directly from MPA@UNC at this free webinar onJuly 30! If you want to land a job these days, chances are you’ll take on a few internships. In many cases, internships

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How to Say No Gracefully When You’re an Intern

Posted July 02, 2013 by

Working with a Difficult Boss on Your Entry Level Job? 6 Tips that Can Help

If you have a hard time dealing with your boss on your entry level job, the following post offers six tips that can help you work through it.

“Ugh,” you grumble to yourself. “How did this guy get where he is today? He’s all over the place. He has no people skills, no strategy, no plan.” But, he’s your boss. Line managers are the main reason people leave their jobs. HR professionals talk about how to engage people

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6 Tips for “Managing Up” to a Bad Boss

Posted June 19, 2013 by

5 Ways Employees Can Return to Work Mode on Their Entry Level Jobs After a Vacation

Once you have had some time off from the job, it may be difficult to get back into a mindset of working.  For employees with entry level jobs or other positions, the following post has five ways they can return to work mode after a vacation.

No matter how much you love your job, getting back into the groove of things after a vacation can be quite challenging, especially if it was an extended holiday. From the backlog of emails to nonstop meetings and events, sometimes your body is at the office while your mind is still enjoying that beach breeze and

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Back-To-Work Blues: 5 Smart Tips to Get Back on the Grind After Vacation

Posted June 10, 2013 by

Approaching the Boss on Your Entry Level Job

Do you feel comfortable talking to your boss on your entry level job?  While it may seem intimidating, it is possible to do so successfully if done correctly.  Learn some tips in the following post.

Plenty of posts are written on how to get along with coworkers, communicate with clients and manage employees. But not much is written on how to challenge the boss—perhaps because most people assume it’s tantamount to career suicide. But the truth is that challenging your boss—the right way—can actually help your career. As Work Awesome writes: If

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Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Your Boss

Posted May 29, 2013 by

Feeling Held Back on Your Entry Level Job? Learn What You Can Do

If you have held an entry level job for a while and believe you’re not getting opportunities to move forward in your career, the following post has some tips that may help take you to the next level.

The office should be a place of productivity, revenue generation, impact creation and growth. That said, we all know that not every day at work is so rosy. Depending on how far along you are in your career, you may have already encountered it. For those who have not, get ready. I’m referring to the day you realize that

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Office Woes: How to Handle a Career-Stifling Boss

Posted May 23, 2013 by

On Entry Level Jobs, Avoid 5 Subjects with Coworkers

While there is nothing wrong with having conversations beyond work on entry level jobs, there are five subjects to avoid with your coworkers.  Find out what they are in the following post.

If you’re lucky enough to spend the day surrounded by coworkers you consider close friends, count your blessings. Not everyone has the good fortune to work side by side with those they connect with on the deepest personal level. For most of us, coworker relationships are pleasant, friendly and warm—but you’re

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5 Things You Should Never Say to a Coworker

Posted May 22, 2013 by

Look for Recent Graduate Jobs that Allow You to Have Work-Life Balance

While searching for recent graduate jobs, think about whether or not you will be able to have work/life balance in the job(s) your interested in.  The following post shares tips on how to create this opportunity for yourself.

I work in an industry where evening and weekend work is just part of the gig. I have no idea what it’s like to have a 9-to-5, Monday through Friday job. Even though my industry is one with non-traditional hours, and I’ve had my fair share of issues carving a life for myself outside of

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Advocate for Your Own Work-Life Balance