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Posted July 31, 2013 by

Are You an Internship Finder Struggling to Land Work in New York? 5 Possible Reasons You’re Still Job Searching

If you are an internship finder looking for opportunity in the Big Apple, but have been unsuccessful in landing work so far, the following post includes five possible reasons why.

Featured: Featured 5 Reasons You Might NOT Be Getting Hired in NYC I received some fan mail the other day from a student in Michigan who really wants to intern in NYC. She feels like the companies in NYC only want students who are local and that the internships are unpaid (for the most

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5 Reasons You Might NOT Be Getting Hired in NYC

Posted July 09, 2013 by

10 Activities for Your Summer Vacation Trip to New York

At some point, everyone wants to visit New York. It’s the Big Apple, after all. There are so many things to see and do in New York, you could spend weeks there just discovering new and exciting things that make this city such a magnet for vacationers. To get everything in and enjoy all there is, here are 10 recommendations. (more…)

Posted October 25, 2012 by

5 Top Cities For Job Seekers Looking for Seasonal Work

Matt Ferguson of CareerbuilderRetailers are stocking their stores with more than just merchandise going into the holiday season – they are also adding more seasonal help, according to a new survey. Thirty-six percent of retailers plan to have extra hands on deck around the holidays, a healthy jump from 29 percent in 2011. The survey was conducted for Careerbuilder by Harris Interactive among more than 2,400 employers between August 13 and September 6, 2012.

While seasonal hiring is expected across the entire country, the five cities with the largest economies and plans to hire include: (more…)

Posted July 26, 2012 by

Top 10 Cities for Employees Swearing in the Office

Swearing in the OfficeAmong top markets in the U.S., workers in the nation’s capital were the most likely to report that they swear at work, with Denver and Chicago rounding out the top three. (more…)

Posted August 30, 2006 by

Lights, Camera…Entry-Level Entertainment Jobs in New York

There is this nice flashy entertainment job website ( that looks like THE place to start. It even has mini US maps that shows where the jobs for the week are located (of course mostly West-Coast concentrated, although there are many jobs listed on the East Coat). The annoying news is that to reap the benefits of this site you have to pay a fee of about $30 a month (although there is a trial option $10 for the week). It sucks to search for a job and have to pay for it, but I decided to mention it and let you decide.
Next there is, which I think is the next best thing to a free and useful job-searching site. If you want to concentrate on entertainment jobs in the New York area, simply look at those jobs as all are separated by region. Today when I visited the site there were about 275 entry-level entertainment jobs listed, those seem to be decent odds.
The next site has a nice catchy title,, and also separates entry-level entertainment jobs by regions (New York, DC and Boston to be exact). This site lists internships, fulltime and entry-level jobs in these regions and has all jobs separated by category. Look for the entertainment category and see what turns up. I also suggest looking at the writing/editing/publishing, as well as the TV/radio links as these can all connect to the entertainment industry.
Two other honorable mentions are and These sites you have to do a bit more filtering to find first the jobs you want and then the region you want.
The Flashy Site:
Entertainment Careers:
Catchy Title Site:
Honorable Mentions: