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Posted July 16, 2014 by

Listen Up, Recent College Graduates Searching for Jobs! 9 Tips from Young Professionals that Can Make a Difference

Recent college graduates who are searching for jobs should pay attention to these nine tips offered by young professionals in the following post.

For recent graduates, that first job search is rough… perhaps now more than ever. To help with that challenge, our friends at Young Entrepreneur Council asked their members this question: “What’s your best advice for a recent college grad embarking on a serious job hunt for the first time?” The result is some great advice

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Posted July 09, 2014 by

Young Professionals, 4 Steps to Help You Get Promoted on Your Entry Level Jobs

Young professionals who desire a promotion from their entry level jobs can learn four steps to achieve this goal in the following post.

In our quest for financial freedom, we often work hard seeing a promotion as a direct payoff for our sweat equity. But if you really want to see your efforts pay off, you must be more strategic. Many employees tend to ignore the big picture that influences whether or not they

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Posted July 01, 2014 by

What Recruiters Want to Know When Asking These 5 Challenging Interview Questions

Job seekers, here is a heads up on five challenging interview questions that recruiters may ask you.  Find out what they want to learn from you in the following post.

During a job interview, there are five questions you must absolutely be ready to answer. Why these five? Because recruiters and hiring managers have come to count on them as the best possible way to gauge your confidence, passion, sincerity and knowledge of the role for which you’ve applied as well as the mission of

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Posted June 30, 2014 by

College Graduates, Interviewing for Jobs? Take These 9 Steps to Seal the Deal

When interviewing for jobs, college graduates should consider taking these nine steps in the following post to land their opportunities.

Finally! You’ve secured a job interview at one of your target companies. This could be it… your dream job! Now what? Here, from our partners at Rasmussen College, is a step-by-step process for preparing perfectly for that job interview, and getting the offer. From thoroughly understanding the mission of the company, to trial interviews and knowing your talking

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Posted June 26, 2014 by

College Graduates, Bringing Certain Career Skills to the Jobs You’ve Applied for? How to Make Them Important to an Employer

While college graduates may bring career skills suited to the jobs they have applied for, it’s essential that they show potential employers how important these skills are.  Get some examples of how to do so in the following post.

Us career gurus often tell you to veer away from those “overly common” skills thateveryone puts on their resume: creativity, good communication skills, team player, independent thinker, goal-oriented, and the list goes on. Because here’s the thing guys – nobody ever gets hired because their resume states that they’re “creative”. The

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Posted June 20, 2014 by

Did You Find an Internship or Summer Job? Your Performance Can Affect a Future Job Search

Congratulations on your search to find an internship or summer job!  Now that you have found a position, you must prove yourself to your boss.  The following post explains that your performance could impact another job search in the future.

We are in the midst of summer. A lot of students are working. Many are in jobs that are not internships in their potential future field. Plain and simple, millions are working to sock away some money. So let’s say you have ‘a job.’ You don’t love it. Maybe you don’t even like it. It


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Posted June 04, 2014 by

Want to Succeed in an Interview for an Entry Level Job? 10 Things that Will Impress the Interviewer

In order to succeed in your interview for an entry level job, try talking about these 10 things that will impress the interviewer, which are mentioned in the following post.

There is a ton of advice out there about what not to say in an interview (don’t badmouth your boss, don’t ask about salary in the first five minutes, etc.). But how do you know what you must say in an interview? How can you influence the recruiter so she

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Posted April 24, 2014 by

Interviewing for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 4 Questions that Might Throw You Off

While you don’t know exactly what questions will be asked when interviewing for recent college graduate jobs, it’s not a bad idea to expect the unexpected.  The following post has four interview questions that are meant to throw you off during this all important meeting.

Have a big interview coming up? We all know the best way to prepare… is to over-prepare. Reviewing your resume and being comfortable talking about everything on it; thoroughly understanding the mission of the company, and how you can help are great places to start. As recruiters work hard to find new ways to differentiate candidates, however

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Posted March 18, 2014 by

Writing Cover Letters for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Tips to Win Over Start-up Employers

The following post shares some tips to help you impress start-up employers when writing cover letters for recent college graduate jobs.

First things first: the best start-up cover letter is usually not a traditional cover letter at all. It’s a warm introduction to someone important, at your start-up of choice, from someone important… you, their next team member. Additionally, whoever is reading your application at a start-up is inevitably pressed for

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Posted January 29, 2014 by

Opening a Startup for Your Entry Level Job? Ask These 6 Questions First

Before opening a startup for your entry level job, the following post discusses six questions you need to ask first.

Good journalists know their news articles aren’t fit to print until they answer the five Ws — who, what, when, where and why — and an H, how. These basic questions lay the foundation for a strong story. If a reporter fails to answer even one of these questions, their editor will likely send them back

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