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Posted December 11, 2012 by

Social Media a Powerful Tool for Your Job Search

CollegeRecruiter.comVeterans may want to consider using social media to enhance their job searches.  The following post discusses the benefits from this source.

Social media is an ever growing, ever changing, powerful tool for a job seeker. When I present a workshop on How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search to transitioning military members, every month I have to tweak my presentation to keep up with the changes to the social media sites, such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

But one thing stays constant in my presentations — the reason to leverage social media in your job search is to:
1. Get noticed, 2. Build connections, and 3. Find opportunities.

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Social Media a Powerful Tool for Your Job Search

Posted November 01, 2012 by

Tips for Veterans Looking For Jobs

Female military veteranVeterans often have a hard time finding jobs. It’s not that they’re not qualified; they just tend to have a hard time marketing themselves and adjusting to life among civilians once more. However, with a little research and practice, you can not only pick what job path you want to occupy, you can also increase the chance that you will succeed in looking for a career in that field as well. (more…)

Posted October 18, 2012 by

With Unemployment High for Returning Vets, Nine Tips for Acing the Job Interview

Jim Camp

Jim Camp, Vietnam vet, and President and CEO of The Camp Negotiation Institute

There’s bad news and good news for post 9/11 returning veterans, known as the Gulf War Era II vets. The government’s October 2012 employment figures show that the unemployment rate for Gulf War Era II vets is 9.7%; but for the youngest vets, age 20-24, it’s a whopping 14.5% (compared to 12.1% for nonveterans), and for vets age 25-29, it’s 11.5% (compared to 8.7% for nonveterans).

In a 2012 Society for Human Resource Management poll of 359 HR professionals, 50% of the respondents said that one of the biggest challenges in hiring veterans is “translating military skills to civilian job experience.” (more…)

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Best Jobs for Military Veterans Transitioning into Civilian Life

Military veterans may be wondering what are some of the best jobs to pursue after completing their service time.  Maybe some of the jobs in this post might appeal to them.

Veterans bring valuable skills and work habits to the civilian job market. According to Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., the training and experience individuals gain while serving in the military can qualify them to enter many good-paying, high-growth civilian jobs. (more…)

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How Returning Veterans Can Add Value for Tech Employers

Technology employers may want to consider returning veterans as candidates to fill their needs.


With the Iraq War over and the Afghanistan conflict winding down, military veterans face the transition back into civilian life. The industry posed to benefit most from the veterans’ skill set is the tech sector.


Many tech bloggers and industry professionals think veterans are actually the perfect hire in technology fields because they have strong technologic backgrounds in some of the industry’s hottest needs, including: (more…)

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The Business Case for Hiring Veterans

The recent end of the war in Iraq and drawing down of troops in Afghanistan have helped focus the attention of the public on the need to help transition our Veterans into meaningful, rewarding employment in the civilian world. Much of the coverage that I’ve seen has focused on the benefit to the Veteran but little has been made of the benefit to the employer. As important as it is to support our Veterans, the reality is that the employment of Veterans simply makes good business sense as these men and women tend to have superb skills in a wide variety of areas, including organization and leadership.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is doing an admirable job of helping Veterans transition into the civilian workforce and also helping the business community better understand how the hiring of these Veterans can improve their bottom line. There are a number of case studies published at its America’s Heroes At Work web site, including the following: (more…)

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Finding a Job: Tips for Military Veterans

William Frierson of CollegeRecruiter.comOnce military veterans return home from serving their country, they face the challenge of transitioning back into normal lives. This includes getting a job. However, with fierce competition in the job market, veterans should do what they can to stand out. The following tips may help them in their search(es) for employment: (more…)

Posted February 29, 2012 by

More Employers Hiring Military Veterans, Yet Assistance Still Needed

The transition for military veterans back into civilian life is not easy.  This is also true for employers who want to hire them, but need a better understanding of what they have to offer.

A new poll from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released this week shows that the majority of organizations—64 percent—have hired military veterans during the past 36 months, an increase over the 53 percent that reported the same in 2010.

Though more than six in 10 organizations have hired military veterans during the past three years, the number could hit 10 in 10 if only the civilian and military sectors widely understood the other’s job skills jargon. (more…)

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How to Fill Out an Application for a Federal Government Job If You’re a Veteran

Kathryn Troutman shares her secrets for military veterans in applying for a federal government job on The Woman’s Connection.

Kathryn is known as the Federal Resume Guru. She invented a new resume format – the Federal Resume – after the U.S. government eliminated the long, burdensome application – SF-171. Her first book, Federal Resume Guidebook, set the standards for federal resumes and created an entire resume writing and job search industry for career professionals.

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U.S. Military Veterans Returning from Overseas Finding Help with Their Job Search

You have probably heard about how our brave men and women who have proudly served our country are struggling to find jobs.  Unfortunately, this is another effect of the sluggish economy which has affected so many people in the U.S. However, one company is doing its part to help military veterans in their job searches. (more…)