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13 Personality Types You May Find in the Office

In the workplace, you are likely to work with people who have different personalities.  Some of them you may click with and others might rub you the wrong way.  The following infographic highlights 13 personality types in the office. (more…)

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Jobs for College Students – How to Handle Challenges During Your Internship

While you may face some challenges during your internship, you have the opportunity to learn from them.  The following post has advice on handling issues that may come up if you have one of these jobs for college students.

Featured: Featured I have good news for you: internships aren’t supposed to be easy! In fact, sometimes they can be outright challenging. But this is your time to learn, develop and to think about how you want to spend your time after graduation. One of my Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors called me this week and mentioned she felt

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Feeling Inadequate At Your Internships?

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3 Tips for Surviving Boring Meetings

Do you have a hard time making it through meetings at work?  If so, check out some helpful tips in the following post.

Ever been stuck in a seemingly unending meeting? At first it seems like the agenda is proceeding smoothly, but then somewhere halfway through your second bottle of water, you realize you haven’t been paying attention for 10 minutes or more. You panic for a moment, realize you didn’t actually miss anything

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3 Tips for Surviving Boring Meetings