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Posted May 09, 2014 by

Qualities Entry Level Job Candidates Should Bring to the Table

If you want to land an entry level job, be sure that you possess the qualities in the following post in order to impress potential employers.

Yesterday, we posted “7 Traits That Make You a Great Candidate” – and many readers were surprised that issues like confidence and culture fit weren’t included in the discussion. However, issues like confidence and fit aren’t the character traits we talked about in yesterday’s post… they are basics that every recruiter looks for in every candidate, regardless of the job,


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Posted April 10, 2014 by

25 Things Not to Do When Interviewing for an Entry Level Job

Now that you have earned an interview for an entry level job, don’t blow it by doing these 25 things in the following post.

Job seekers work hard to get a job interview. Once they get the interview, though, it is clear many don’t understand the need to impress, to fit into an existing culture or to compete well. A recent CareerBuilder study of over 2,200 hiring managers and human resources representatives showed some amazing behavior on the part of

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Posted December 19, 2013 by

Oh No You Didn’t! 6 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Entry Level Job Search

To improve your chances of landing an entry level job, avoid six mistakes that can hurt your search in the following post.

You’ve heard it a million times… the job market is competitive, and the economy still uncertain. In that environment it’s tough to maintain your poise and hope as a job seeker, right? With that said, you can take targeted, positive and actionable steps to create positive results for yourself. Below, we’ve listed six unhealthy job search

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Posted October 24, 2013 by

Are You Prepared to Land an Entry Level Job in Your Upcoming Interview? 11 Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression

If you are about to interview for an entry level job, make sure you’re fully prepared for this opportunity.  The following post features 11 tips to help you make a great impression with the interviewer.

Your resume impressed, and you did well in your phone screen. You’ve made it to the face-to-face interview. You’ve set yourself apart from other candidates and showed you have the potential a recruiter looks for in a future employee. The next step is to pass the in-person interview. To do just that

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Posted October 21, 2013 by

First Time Entry Level Job Seekers, Don’t Make These 5 Rookie Mistakes

If you’re a first time entry level job seeker, you don’t want to do anything to hurt your job search.  The following post has five mistakes to avoid as a rookie job seeker.

As a university career counselor, I often meet with seniors to discuss their job search process. I’ve begun keeping a record of the most common job mistakes I see students during their search for their first professional job. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid these unfortunate job search blunders!

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Posted May 09, 2013 by

7 Ways to Snag Your First Job in Today’s Economy

Vicky Oliver

Vicky Oliver

Everyone’s well meaning. And everyone has tons of advice! But as a new grad, it can be tough to sort through all of the wisdom from parents, friends, career counselors, and advisers. Especially as the months roll by–without a firm offer. How do things work now? What’s your savviest job-seeking strategy today? How do you make the case that you have work experience without any hard and fast work experience? And what does it take to trounce your competitors in today’s dog-eat-dog business world?

Pack your job hunter’s toolkit with these top 7 essential tips before you hit the road, and you’ll be way ahead of your peers. (more…)