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Posted June 21, 2013 by

10 Ways to Get Your Co-Workers to Like You More

Ken Sundheim

Ken Sundheim, CEO of KAS Placement Recruitment

Forming stronger relationships with co-workers can not only make work more enjoyable, it can lead to significant strides in one’s success.  Conversely, the inability to gain the acceptance of other workers can damage one’s ability to execute on daily tasks.

It is very rare that anyone can reach their goals without others in the office.  Follow the below tips and you won’t have to. (more…)

Posted August 07, 2012 by

The Job Interview and Your Ears

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

If you thought interviewing was only about answering questions, you’ve been missing the point. You’ve also been missing an opportunity to gather valuable information. Listening is one of the skills most underutilized by candidates. Most people go into the interview thinking and worrying about how they will answer the questions, and they forget that they are there to find out about the job and the company. They forget to listen, observe and read between the lines. (more…)