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Posted July 07, 2015 by

4 Amazing Ways to Relax Your Mind During Tough Academic Times

Man in casual clothes with headphones

Man in casual clothes with headphones. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

During tough academic times, when stress levels are high, it is important for students to use different tips and techniques that can help them relax their minds and give a break.

Giving your mind a good break to relax and feel refreshed during all the academic stress is absolutely crucial. Self-care that can induce mind relaxation techniques is absolutely crucial to your progress in the academic sector. If students continue to stress themselves without giving decent breaks in between, their minds can be exhausted and this can impact their overall performance during the term. Demonization, procrastination and frustration are all symptoms of a tired mind which needs a really good break. (more…)

Posted December 04, 2012 by

5 Fun Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids About Finance

CollegeRecruiter.comMoney is nothing to take for granted.  In the following post, learn five lessons that military families and all people can teach their children when it comes to the value of a dollar.

You teach your kids valuable lessons everyday: to look both ways before crossing the street, to respect their elders, say “please” and “thank you,” and to be kind to others. However, amidst all the travel, deployments, and other chaos that comes with being a military family, many parents forget one very important lesson: teaching their kids about money.


5 Fun Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids About Finance