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Tips for Entry-Level Grads: 6 Effective Ways to learn How to Lead Your Own Fleet

Happy business team with a focus on woman in the front

Happy business team with a focus on woman in the front. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you are wondering, “is it possible to develop leadership skills right from the start in an entry-level job or not?” Then the answer is yes, it is possible!

However, it is also important that from the onset you must have higher aims and goals for your career and, not to mention, utmost determination to achieve them. Developing leadership skills isn’t a piece of cake, yet not extremely difficult as well. All one needs to do is to act like one and how one can act like a leader depends how one perceives or observes other leaders.

Nonetheless, let’s have a look at how you can bring out the leader from within in your entry-level job. (more…)

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Ladies, Want to Dress to Impress on Those Recent Graduate Jobs? 4 Tips to be Fashionable Yet Professional at Work

For women with recent graduate jobs who want to dress to impress, there are four tips in the following post to help them be fashionable, yet professional at work.

Guest Post by Amy Kline Any and every female go-getter is faced with the challenge of being both assertive and respected; a leader and a team player. Unfortunately, it often is the case that we are judged by our dress first and foremost, rather than our capabilities. Appearance is a part of

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Applying to Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Tips to Make Your Applications Tell a Story

When applying to jobs for recent college graduates, consider your applications opportunities to tell a story to potential employers.  The following post has tips to help you achieve this goal.

What do Batman Begins, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and your resume all have in common? A need for context. Any good movie provides a context, or a frame, for viewers to understand the main character and his actions. The context is not only what motivates the main character and allows him to

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5 Ways Young Professionals on Entry Level Jobs Can Leave a Lasting Impression on Their Bosses

Young professionals, do you need some advice on how to leave a lasting impression with your bosses on your entry level jobs?  Learn five ways to do so in the following post.

In college, I couldn’t wait for what we all called “the real world,” I devoured plenty of articles that dished out advice on navigating the interview process, getting along with coworkers and, most importantly, being positively regarded by the boss. Common advice for impressing superiors included “dress for success”, “show up on time”, “be positive” and simply “be really

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Uncertain About Taking Recent Graduate Jobs? 7 Questions College Grads Should Ask Themselves When Making a Career Decision

Before accepting recent graduate jobs or making other career decisions, college graduates should ask themselves seven questions found in the following post.

Your 20s are an important time. We’re told the personal and professional choices you make during this decade set the foundation of your adult life. No pressure, right? A good problem you’re likely to face is which job to take: The one that promises security or the one that promises experience? The higher-paid one or the

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Interviewing for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 5 Questions to Prepare for as an Unemployed Job Seeker

If you’re heading into interviews for recent college graduate jobs, prepare for these five questions as an unemployed job seeker, according to the following post.

Job seekers who are currently employed carry a little extra leverage when they sit down at the negotiating table. If you’re looking for work and you have a job already (no matter how terrible your position may be), employers often assume your skills have a high market value. Some employers stubbornly place greater confidence in a candidate


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7 tips for how to become a leader at work

Smiling businesswoman leading her team

Smiling businesswoman leading her team. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Becoming a leader at work is a very challenging task and it requires sufficient experience and skills to lead a team. If you are working in any organization and you want to become a leader of your staff, here are 7 tips that might help you:

Tip#1: Appreciate your juniors

Appreciate your junior staff members. If you don’t appreciate them, they won’t be in your favor. Surveys have shown that if a senior member understands and appreciates his/her juniors, he/she is more likely to become the leader of that team as compared to the one who doesn’t appreciate the same junior staff at all. You would be chosen and selected as the finest leader if you keep appreciating and encouraging your subordinates. They will eventually consider you as their leader even before you become one. Remember that a leader is not a person who “tells” its juniors; instead a leader is the one who “shows” its juniors how to perform a specific task. (more…)

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Recruiting for Entry Level Jobs? How to Get More Information During Behavioral Interviews

Employers recruiting for entry level jobs may want to consider behavioral interviews for their candidates.  In order to get more information during these interviews, the following post shares some tips to consider.

Behavioral interviews are becoming increasingly popular as the “in” thing in recruitment processes everywhere. You’ll find tons of resources online that give candidates all sorts of advice on how to ace a behavioral interview. Oddly enough, what’s offered to most recruiters is simply a template with a bunch of “behavioral questions.” To conduct an

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There’s No “I” in Team: How to Truly Become a Team Player

Business team looking above with hands piled together

Business team looking above with hands piled together. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

We’ve all heard about the importance of being a team player, but what does that really mean in the workplace?

To really understand what being a team player means, you must first understand the nature of teams in the workplace. Generally speaking, a team is a group of about three to 12 people who work together toward a specific long- or short-term goal — like organizing a holiday party, overseeing a software upgrade, or handling an organization’s customer complaints. In some cases, it’s fairly easy to adjust to working in a team environment because it’s made up of people within a department who already have a history together. Other times, teams are interdepartmental, which can make them a bit more challenging. (more…)

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Working with People on Your Entry Level Job who Don’t Want to Participate? How to Change Their Minds

There may come a time on your entry level job where you work with people who don’t want to participate in an assignment or project.  So, how can you change their minds?  Learn more in the following post.

Flash back for a moment to one of those group projects from college or grad school. Were you the one who ended up doing 90 percent of the work? Did you find your dislike for your group members increasing with every passing day? Did you swear to yourself that when you got into the “real” world, you’d never be

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