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Posted July 13, 2012 by

4 Top Jobs for People with an Enterprising Personality

If you are job seeker who likes to take the initiative, there are certain jobs you may want to learn more about.

Research has proven that people who connect their personality types to their careers tend to have the most satisfaction and success. In his new book, 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality, Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., compiles the best jobs for five different personalities: realistic, investigative, artistic, social and enterprising.

Those with enterprising personalities “like work activities having to do with starting up and carrying out projects, especially business ventures,” Shatkin says. “They like persuading and leading people and making decisions. They like taking risks for profit. These personalities prefer action rather than thought.” (more…)

Posted April 10, 2012 by

Career Prospects for New Age College Students

New age college pupils have wholly accepted the modern academic regimes embraced by the world. I wasn’t into believing the fact that new age schooling had a great to contribute for a bright career until I pursued an advanced degree for professional enhancements. I know now why students are streaming towards advanced degrees which enables them to achieve something larger than life. Apart from achieving professional development, a certificate in advanced study matters because it certifies the authenticity of one’s vocational skills. (more…)

Posted March 13, 2012 by

Interview with an Assistant District Attorney

I am one of that rare breed: I work in the field that first fired my imagination. Some little boys want to be astronauts; I wanted to put criminals in jail. Two years ago, I graduated from law school and took a job as a law clerk for a trial court judge. One year after that, I took a position with the District Attorney’s office. Every day I go to work, stand up in front of a judge, and try my best to put criminals in prison.

Most of the work I do is fairly routine. Television fosters the idea that prosecutors spend every waking moment grandstanding for the jury. The reality is much more mundane – jury trials are difficult and time consuming. If every criminal in the United States faced a jury before being sentenced, the justice system would grind to a halt. We sign plea bargains in well over ninety percent of our cases; we do not have enough resources or personnel to do anything else. (more…)