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Posted January 06, 2014 by

Did Your Skills Land You an Entry Level Job? How They Can Advance Your Career Without Having a Lot of Experience

If you have an entry level job, chances are one reason is because of your skills.  In the following post, learn how having the right skills can help you advance in today’s workplace, as opposed to having a lot of experience.

It’s difficult to watch a newcomer come in and be given a position you’ve been working toward for a while. What about your experience, the relationships you built and loyalty to your company? In today’s highly competitive job market, the value of seniority is changing. Today, it’s about skills and results, not time spent in an office chair. We

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Posted December 11, 2012 by

What Hiring Managers Want In A Good Job Candidate

CollegeRecruiter.comIt seems hiring managers are having a difficult time finding the right candidates for job opportunities.  Learn more, and find out what skills they are looking for in the following post.

Even in a tight job market, hiring managers are having a tough time finding the right candidates.

According to the Career Advisory Board’s 2012 Job Preparedness Indicator, only 17% of the 516 hiring managers polled said job seekers possess the skills the companies are actually looking for.


What Hiring Managers Want In A Good Job Candidate