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Posted October 09, 2013 by

What Does Job Hopping Mean for Entry Level Job Seekers and Recruiters?

When a recruiter or an employer hears the term job hopping, it is likely to receive a negative reaction.  Today, however, the concept may be the new normal.  In the following post, learn what job hopping means for entry level job seekers and recruiters.

Your resume shows you haven’t stayed at any particular job for very long. Does this say to recruiters “unreliable and disloyal”, or “experienced”? This debate has been a hot topic among career experts in the recent months. With Gen Y in the workforce, new trends are showing, and this is certainly one of them. Of

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Posted August 15, 2013 by

Hiring Gen Y for Entry Level Jobs? Consider More than Just the Numbers

While employers may come across various studies on Generation Y, the most important thing for them to consider may be what this group has to offer once they’re hired for entry level jobs.  Learn more in the following post.

When, oh when will everyone stop focusing on all the stats and surveys about Millennials and focus on more important things… like, say, how well we’re actually doing our jobs? In yet another entry into the “here are some numbers about GenY!” category, Washington Post columnist Jena McGregor recently studied the results of a

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Posted July 18, 2013 by

Employers, Skeptical About Hiring Gen Y for Entry Level Jobs? 4 Myths that May or May Not Influence Your Decision

While many employers might have their own perception of Gen Y, they might not want to jump to conclusions of them based on what they hear.  The following post has four myths that may or may not influence their decisions to hire Millennials for entry level jobs.

What group of employees can’t fathom starting work before 10:00 a.m., require heaps of praise for even the most remedial tasks, turn to Google for everything and make up excuses to take days off work? GenY, of course! While these stereotypes are all in good fun, Millennials should not be brushed off. They are the largest

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Dispelling 4 Ridiculous Myths About GenY Workers

Posted April 18, 2013 by

Can Job Hopping Harm your Career?

Employers and recruiters may not appreciate job seekers who make a career out of job hopping.  Learn more in the following post.

91 percent of Millennials (born between 1977-1997) expect to stay in a job for less than 3 years. According to the Future Workplace“Multiple Generations @ Work”survey of 1,189 employees and 150 managers. Although job hopping may be common with the Millennials, at some point of the other it is good to sit back

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Can Job Hopping Harm your Career?

Posted March 20, 2012 by

7 Reasons Why I.T. Recruiters May Reject Your Resume

Depressed woman sitting with face in handsA new report from Kovasys IT Recruitment answers a question that many information technology candidates are asking: “Why are the technology recruiters ignoring my resume?” According to Alex Kovalenko, a technical recruiting manager at Kovasys Inc., “If a tech recruiter can not tell within ten seconds that you are worth a call then your resume will go straight into a recycle bin. Keep in mind that at our firm recruiters can review up to 50 resumes every day and can not spend hours reviewing resumes.”

Mr. Kovalenko says that there are seven reasons why IT recruiters could potentially reject your resume and are as follows: (more…)

Posted January 20, 2012 by

State of Gen Y: Careers and Social Networks

Alexandra Levit of AlexandraLevit.comA new study by Millennial Branding, of over 50 million Facebook data points from, uncovers that Gen-Y (ages 18 to 29) is inadvertently using their profiles as an extension of their professional personality, even though they are socializing with family and friends. 64% of Gen-Y fails to list their employer on their profiles, yet they add an average of 16 co-workers each to their ‘friend’ group. Other major findings in this study include: (more…)

Posted November 11, 2011 by

How to Overcome Executive Job Hopping in Your Resume

Are you so in love with your career that you’ve managed to switch jobs more than the average executive simply to test the waters at multiple employers? Or have you suffered back-to-back layoffs in the uncompromising job market that has left workers of all levels struggling to stay employed?

Unfortunately, as today’s executive job seeker, any type of movement from one employer to another makes you appear to be a chronic job hopper—and job hoppers don’t have great reputations for reliability, especially at the executive level where reliability is crucial. So what can you do to overcome what appears to be executive job hopping in your resume? (more…)