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Posted November 08, 2013 by

What Does It Take to Find Entry Level Jobs in Finance?

For those of you trying to find entry level jobs in finance, there is one step you may want to consider first that can eventually lead you to the job you want.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’ve been looking for entry level finance jobs, you already know that it’s a tough market out there. What you may not know is that many finance rock.

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Posted September 19, 2013 by

The Well Workforce: Healthy Equals Wealthy and Wise

A support group having a meeting

A support group having a meeting. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Remember founding father Ben Franklin’s advice that ends in, “Healthy, wealthy and wise?” There is no place where the interconnectedness of those very attributes Franklin championed are more evident than in the workforce. Not only will a mentally healthy workforce directly translate to direct benefits for the American worker, it will bolster businesses’ bottom lines by greatly reducing lost productivity, absenteeism, and worker’s compensation and disability claims. (more…)

Posted August 14, 2013 by

Motivating Your Employees: Are They Hungry for More?

Motivator using carrots during meeting with a business team

Motivator using carrots during meeting with a business team. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Whether it’s dishing out negative feedback with a positive spin, or letting employees challenge themselves to discover their true potential, you’ve developed creative strategies for motivating employees. However, are you providing the right ingredients for their success? Think of increasing motivation as making a meal, with you as the cook, and your staff as the customers. A good chef knows not just which dishes will please patrons, but which ones customers will actively dislike. In that spirit, our executive coaching professionals suggest some menu items to avoid when it comes to motivating your team: (more…)

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Choices in Higher Education: Which One Is For You?

Sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of a college

Sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of a college. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Congratulations, you’re going to college! Now what?

Higher education can be confusing when faced with a wide range of options such as different degrees, diploma programs and certifications. Should you spend two years in school? Or four? Maybe you should get a career diploma.  Wait, what’s a career diploma?

Once you discern the available program options offered at your college or university, you can embark on the journey to your dream job. (more…)

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Where Are The Jobs For Millennials?

Tru Pettigrew

Tru Pettigrew, Founder of Tru Access

Many millennials are struggling to find jobs upon graduation. Even more are struggling to find jobs in their field. There are a host of reasons that have been discussed and explored as to why this is the case. Why are so many driven young men and women armed with Bachelors and Masters degrees finding themselves unemployed or underemployed? (more…)

Posted June 13, 2013 by

Invest in the Success of Low-Income Students

Michelle Asha Cooper

Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D., President of the Institute for Higher Education Policy

For several years, I have watched the higher education community engage in hand-wringing over strategies for improving the educational outcomes for low- and moderate-income students. At present, low-income students remain less likely to enroll and complete college, when compared to their higher-income peers. Given these trends, the attention being dedicated to these students is certainly warranted. However, long-standing efforts designed to improve the outcomes for low- and moderate-income students, such as the federal Pell grants and TRIO programs, are constantly being thrashed and called ineffective. This chorus of opposition is growing more and more audible. While there is a need to enhance these programs to effectively serve more deserving students, I do believe that it is not in our best interest to scrutinize the outputs of these programs, without simultaneously scrutinizing the inputs. (more…)

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5 Job-Seeking Truths Parents can Share with their New College Grad

Parents concerned about their college graduate’s ability to find a job can share five truths with them, which are found in the following post.

Despite the Investment Parents Make in Their Children’s College Education, Most Kids Are Not Properly Prepared to Find a Job. Career Coach, Author and Speaker Ford R. Myers Provides Parents with Five Sage Tips to Help These “Up-and-Comers” Succeed in the World of Work You’ve

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5 Job-Seeking Truths Parents can Share with their New College Grad

Posted December 19, 2012 by

How to improve the productivity of international recruiting trips

CollegeRecruiter.comFor colleges and universities participating in international recruiting trips to find students, the following post has information to help them make the most of these outings.

Travel to international markets and personal outreach to students and parents is an important element of student recruitment. No different than in your home recruitment activities, the personal touch can be a critical starting point of a relationship and a future enrollment.


How to improve the productivity of international recruiting trips