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High School Students, Want to Gain Some Experience Before Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs? Get an Internship

High school is a great time for students to gain some work experience, and prepare themselves when searching in the future for recent graduate jobs.  One way to gain this experience is through an internship.  The following post has tips for finding one of these opportunities.

Featured: Featured I’ve been bragging a lot about our brand new Intern Queen High School Ambassador Network , as these students are quite impressive. One of our high school students, Nazifa Hossain, is interning this summer with Galpin, a Southern California car dealership. She shared a few of her tips for fellow students and I compiled them here: 1. Keep


Quick Tips For High School Students

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An Insider’s Guide to Virtual Internships

If you want to get the most out of your virtual internship, consider tips in the following post.

In the age of technology and people living on the internet, it’s no surprise that we have found a way to intern over the computer. Virtual internships are the latest trend to explode on college campuses and throughout different companies. A virtual internship is when a company allows an intern to do all their work from home

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An Insider’s Guide to Virtual Internships

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6 Things to Look for in an Internship

What is an internship? An internship is generally an unpaid position within a company, with a definite start and end date, that serves to provide vocational education for the intern. Internships are a great way to gain some real-world experience before you graduate, and may even allow you to transition into a paid, full-time job. Your school’s career education department can help you find an internship. But even with that guidance, how will you know if an internship is right for you? Here are six things you should look for in an internship. (more…)

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Internships are Important for IT Graduates, Says 8 in 10 CIOs

Getting an internship is a good idea for all college students, but especially IT majors who will pursue these jobs once they graduate.

Technology students heading back to college this fall may want to add something to their busy class schedules: an internship. In a recent Robert Half Technology survey, 79 percent of chief information officers (CIOs) said internships are an important consideration when hiring new graduates for information technology (IT) positions. Only 13 percent viewed these programs as unimportant. (more…)