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Posted March 23, 2008 by

Reaching your career goals with Internships

For those seeking to advance up the corporate ladder, few things can do more to help their cause than adding a few well planned internships to their resume. The reasoning behind this is simple. Internships provide you with a certain amount of training that goes beyond what can be gained in the realms of academics and they give you valuable work experience.
If you are like so many others who are needing this extra boost, where can you find great internship opportunities? One great source is internship boards, such as the internship listings at, which offer multiple ways to search for just the right internship program to suit your needs.
Internships usually come in two forms: paid and unpaid. While paid internships are nice because they offer the chance to make a little financial remuneration for your work, the competition for these positions can be fierce and the pay rate is generally not very high. Unpaid internships lack the financial compensation but are generally much easier to obtain.
While either of these internship opportunities provide the training and experience needed, the choice of what internships you apply for should not be merely decided by financial thoughts. Choose an internship that is important to you based on your personal causes, what you want your career to reflect about you and what you think you can bring to the internship opportunity and you will be much happier with your final decision.
By choosing internship opportunities that coincide with your own goals and causes, you will find satisfaction in your work. By building a complete resume that includes such internships, you will put yourself in line to be recognized by future employers who share similar goals.

Posted March 20, 2008 by

Breaking the “experience neccessary” cycle with Internships

With the work force becoming saturated with college educated job seekers, more than good grades, a new suit and a set of credentials are needed to make the move from an academic knowledge to gainful employment in the career field of your choosing. A conundrum has developed in the fact that employers want to hire workers with experience but an individual who is new to the work force cannot acquire this work experience without working. If you have found yourself trapped within this cycle, what can you do to gain the experience you need to move from college and into a career?
One very effective method of gaining this necessary work experience is the use of internship opportunities in your chosen field. Internships are typically supervised training periods, sometimes referred to as on the job training, that are paid at a slightly lower scale in exchange for the further training and work experience gained.
Internships offer employers the chance to hire college educated workers at a lower pay rate thus making it a fiscally responsible move for the corporation. Internships are also a way for large corporations to insure that they have their pick of the cream of the college crop while not putting themselves under serious financial obligations for an untested worker.
Employers want experienced workers. As a college graduate, you want to begin your career. By making use of the internship opportunities available in your chosen field, you can get the work experience needed to land the job you want.