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Pursuing an Entry Level Job in Interior Design? 4 Possible Career Opportunities

If you are searching for an entry level job in interior design, but not sure what area to pursue, check out the following post to learn about four possible career opportunities.

Featured: Not Featured This is a guest post by Anna Hicks. When you think of interior design, you probably think of beautifully-decorated, well-appointed rooms. You imagine a career matching couches to artwork, or advising clients on the best way to position televisions and sectionals while still allowing a natural traffic flow. You

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Interview with an Interior Designer

I am an Interior Designer living and working in San Francisco with an interior design company that offers services in the bay area and specializes in contemporary Eco-friendly designs. I am a recent graduate and feel privileged to be working with an esteemed design company within less than a year of completing my degree. (more…)

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Entry-Level Interior Design Jobs

Always a fan of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and it works it’s magic for searchers of entry-level interior design jobs as well. Again, expect to find information on the nature of the work, working conditions, job outlook, earnings…a lot of helpful stuff.
The next stops are and that have all your entry-level design needs. The latter site had easily 2,000 plus jobs, so I’m sure there will be something of use there. I also found a nice tool on the New York Times website called the job market that also provides job and career resources. Look into that too.
I also found an interesting tool that might be of more use once you are past the entry-level interior design phase, and it’s a recruiting service. It seems to recruit from all the big (and by big I mean well-known) companies, like Apple and Motorola. It’s worth keeping an eye on.
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