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Are You a Recent Graduate Interviewing for Jobs? 8 Traits that Can Help Employers Answer One Question

There are eight traits that can help employers answer one question about you as a recent graduate interviewing for jobs.  Learn about these traits and find out what the question is in the following post.

Someone who knows how to get hired is the Millennial CEO, Dan Newman. He’s the guy who got to the Big Chair before his 30th birthday – and not at a company he founded. What’s his secret for job search success? Dan’s answer is simple: create a compelling answer to the interview question that trumps them

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Top tips to help you have a fulfilling career in mobile graphic designing

High angle view of artist drawing a graphic on a tablet at work

High angle view of artist drawing a graphic on a tablet at work. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

People are slowly realizing the lucrative nature of the web and graphic design industry and therefore, there is a sudden demand for good quality, professional graphic designers to cater to the various designing needs of the people. There are excellent career opportunities in store for a graphic designer. To be successful, you need not limit yourself to working in large design studios. You can take up projects on a freelance basis as well. Graphic designing not only offers excellent compensation but also makes sure that you let your creative take the forefront and come up with interesting designs. (more…)

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How to Find Success as an Internship Finder

As an internship finder, you could have success during your experience by listening to the advice in the following post.

Many students know internships provide real world, hands-on experience before applying for jobs. They know internships help soon-to-be professionals decide if they’ll enjoy working in their chosen major or a particular industry. And, of course, they understand that internships increase the chances of employment after graduation. If they’ve never interned,


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Searching Online for Entry Level Jobs? 7 Mistakes to Avoid

If you are conducting a search for entry level jobs online, be sure to avoid the seven mistakes mentioned in the following post.

You’ve been looking all over for a job. But it seems no matter what you do, you just can’t land one. The stress kicks in. Constant rejection destroys your confidence. And you’re getting desperate. You ask yourself why. Well, without knowing it, you could be committing one or more of the seven


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Need a Little Luck in Your Entry Level Job Search? Take These 3 Steps

Sometimes in life, we need a little luck on our side to find just what we’re looking for.  For entry level job seekers, this might be just what they need.  The following post shares three steps to take that might change their job search luck.

In the careers industry, we advise our new-grad clients to exhibit all of the traits of a caring, company-focused and hard-working employee. We suggest they be prepared to work their way up versus walking immediately into their dream job with the perfect work duties and salary. They must

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From Entry Level Job to Management – How to be an Effective Manager as a Young Professional

If you’re a young professional who has been promoted from an entry level job into management, you want other employees to respect you.  The following post has tips to help you become an effective manager at work.

Our generation is entering management positions decades earlier than those before us. And let me tell you, lack of experience and training in management is a dangerous combination. I was promoted to a leadership position at 26, less than one year after I’d been hired at entry-level. I sucked. I had no clue how

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Campus Visit Trend: “How much financial aid did ‘they’ give you?”

CollegeRecruiter.comIn the current economy, it is natural for parents and/or guardians to wonder how much it will cost their student(s) to attend a particular college or university.  In the following post, learn how tour guides should handle a personal question about their financial aid.

Each month the Experience Team from TargetX will share with you a Campus Visit Tip, Trend and Talk. All of the “three T’s” are designed to give you a bit of insight into the work we do, the people we work with, and the places we pull our inspiration from. Here is this month’s “Trend”.

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Campus Visit Trend: “How much financial aid did ‘they’ give you?”