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Posted April 26, 2012 by

Advanced Degrees Help you Getting Better Career Establishment

After being a graduate, the biggest question lies in front of you is whether or not to go to a graduation school to finish your higher studies! Well, this is quite an obvious but complicated situation that comes up in front of you as soon as you start feeling yourself lucky with an under graduation degree in hands. At this point of time, you can definitely think that dedicating four long years behind the under graduation studies were enough and now you are all set to move towards your professional life. However, the situation remains different. Since, it is a competitive world, being good is just not enough to have a professional establishment; rather you must have something extra to prove yourself better than others and this quality enhancer can be only the advanced degree courses. (more…)

Posted March 23, 2012 by

The Best Time to Pursue a Graduate Degree

Jesse LangleyWhen you graduate from college, students must typically decide whether they want to enroll in a graduate program or immediately enter the workforce. While some students draft a resume and apply for jobs, others take the GRE and begin more advanced study. Depending on your situation, either choice may be the most beneficial. In some cases, you may even decide to attend a graduate program part-time while you work. When deciding which option is best for you, you must consider your current financial obligations, the level of education you need to succeed in the career of your choice, as well as your interest in continuing school and working in the “real world”. (more…)