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Posted May 21, 2013 by

Build Workplace Relationships at Your Entry Level Job. 5 Ways to Boost Morale with Co-workers

If you have just started an entry level job, it is important to make a good impression with everyone, including your co-workers.  The following post has five ways to build workplace relationships and boost morale with your colleagues.

Complaints, grievances, nagging, gossip, pessimism, anger and misery. Nothing’s worse than a workplace where co-workers and bosses alike share in these unfortunate traits with one another daily. It affects productivity and, even worse, your outlook on life. The dread we may feel in our gut—knowing what awaits us as we head to work—is enough to ruin

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5 Simple Ways for a Stronger Working Relationship with your Co-workers – Bringing Civility Back to the Workplace

Posted January 04, 2013 by

5 Ways Your Online Lifestyle Can Ruin A Career Opportunity

CollegeRecruiter.comIf you are a job seeker who uses social media, be very careful about your perception online.  The following post examines ways that employers might view you negatively based on your social media profiles.

Many people want to keep their “work lives” and their “personal lives” separate. However, with social media it has become more and more difficult to keep the two worlds from colliding. Today’s employers will look through social profiles in order to help them decide who would be a good candidate for a job position. The amount of information your publish on social media sites makes it easy for potential employers to have access to your personal life, which could turn out to be bad for you if they happen to spot some things that will turn them off, and ruin your opportunity to get the job.

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5 Ways Your Online Lifestyle Can Ruin A Career Opportunity

Posted September 01, 2012 by

3 Tips If You’re Being Bullied at Work

Rosemary Haefner of CareerbuilderA new study finds the number of workers encountering bullies at the office is on the rise. Thirty-five percent of workers said they have felt bullied at work, up from 27 percent last year. Sixteen percent of these workers reported they suffered health-related problems as a result of bullying and 17 percent decided to quit their jobs to escape the situation.

The study also found nearly half of workers don’t confront their bullies and the majority of incidents go unreported. The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive© from May 14 to June 4, 2012 and included more than 3,800 workers nationwide.

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Posted August 28, 2012 by

Gossip is Most Common Form of Office Politics

It seems that the workplace is not a popular place to talk politics, but that doesn’t mean that politics are not in the workplace.  Workers who try to avoid office politics say that gossip is all too common.

The U.S. presidential campaign may be heating up, but it’s considerably cooler in the office, a new Robert Half survey suggests. Four in 10 (40 percent) workers interviewed characterized themselves as “occasional voters” when participating in office politics, limiting their involvement to issues that affect them directly. Another 39 percent said they are “neutral parties” who stay completely out of the fray. (more…)

Posted February 09, 2012 by

9 Tips to Create a Civil and Animosity-Free Workplace

As Valentine’s Day approaches, employers and employees nationwide will be barraged with reminders about the prevalence and pitfalls of office romance. However, some companies are facing an entirely different problem: their workers have lost that loving feeling and the consequences can be dire.

A tight job market, combined with stagnant wages and less upward mobility can leave workers feeling frustrated. In this environment, animosity between coworkers stemming from personality conflicts, differing work styles, or competition can be amplified, resulting in a wide variety of workplace problems, from lost productivity to increased and open hostility, according to the workplace experts at global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. (more…)