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Posted August 05, 2013 by

Mind Over Money? Gen Y Leaving Good Paying Entry Level Jobs to Establish Own Career Paths

While Gen Y may like a nice salary in their entry level jobs, they also want to be happy in what they do.  The following post indicates that this group doesn’t mind taking control of their careers.

Many things have been said about GenY in the workplace that are not so flattering: They’re lazy. They’re selfish. They expect to have everything handed to them. We’ve debunked plenty of these myths in the past, but there’s nothing like a real-world example to show how Millennials really are “a


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Posted July 18, 2013 by

Employers, Skeptical About Hiring Gen Y for Entry Level Jobs? 4 Myths that May or May Not Influence Your Decision

While many employers might have their own perception of Gen Y, they might not want to jump to conclusions of them based on what they hear.  The following post has four myths that may or may not influence their decisions to hire Millennials for entry level jobs.

What group of employees can’t fathom starting work before 10:00 a.m., require heaps of praise for even the most remedial tasks, turn to Google for everything and make up excuses to take days off work? GenY, of course! While these stereotypes are all in good fun, Millennials should not be brushed off. They are the largest

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Dispelling 4 Ridiculous Myths About GenY Workers

Posted December 27, 2012 by

Extracurriculars – Résumé Do or Don’t?

CollegeRecruiter.comYou probably think that most employers are not interested in your hobbies or personal interests, and you’re likely right.  However, there may be some value in including this information in your resume, according to the following post.

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Glee club, sports, debate team– when you were applying to college, these activities could make or break getting you into the school of your choice. But when it comes to job applications do your extracurricular activities hold any merit with employers?


Extracurriculars – Résumé Do or Don’t?