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Posted August 15, 2014 by

College Graduates, Not Achieving the Success You Want on Your Jobs? 5 Mistakes that are Hurting You

Certain mistakes on their jobs can cause college graduates not to achieve the success they want.  In the following post, learn five mistakes that are hurting them at work.

You can be bad at something because you make errors, because you aren’t cut out for the task the way your employer needs you to be. Or maybe you’re simply not as good as your co-workers, who can also turn into your competition. In short, if you’re slipping at work, there could be a few


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Posted August 21, 2013 by

How to reshape your career after making a blunder at work

Businessman in shock about a mistake

Businessman in shock about a mistake. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Everyone has made a mistake at work. Blunders can be something simple such as getting caught by your boss using Facebook or shopping on Amazon on company time to spilling a cup of coffee on your new company-owned laptop. More serious offenses include sending out an inappropriate or offensive email, constant lateness, missed deadlines or even getting nabbed for drunk driving.

While certain mistakes may seem like career killers — and depending seriousness of the error they can be — it’s possible to revamp a tarnished image with some hard work and a game plan. Following these three steps can help you put negative issues in your rear-view and regain that coveted “golden-boy/girl” status in the workplace. (more…)

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Internship Finder, Sometimes You May Need to Say No

As an intern, you may be hesitant to say no because you want to make a good impression on your employer.  However, there may be times when doing so is necessary.  The following post has advice on what an internship finder can do in this situation.

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How to Say No Gracefully When You’re an Intern

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The Biggest Frustrations that Data Analysts Face

Group of analysts reviewing data

Group of analysts reviewing data. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Data analysis and business intelligence have become booming fields, with a huge growth in demand for talented analysts and business professionals. The vast majority of companies and corporations maintain some sort of data analysis initiative, but it can be a highly frustrating field to work within. More than half of business intelligence projects fail or are never completed, mostly due to a lack of resources or management trust. (more…)

Posted August 23, 2010 by

Frustrations You Might Feel With Your Job Search

From entry level job seekers to the most experienced workers, it seems more people are becoming  frustrated with their job searches.  Just turn on your television, and watch the news about unemployment.  But, what exactly is upsetting job seekers?  The writer of a recent article says there are two common complaints based on the reaction he has received.

1st Frustration – There just aren’t enough jobs out there to apply for.

Because many people search for jobs on the Internet or in the newspaper, the real frustration is a lack of “advertised jobs” to apply for.  With so much competition for these positions, job seekers must extend their searches to the outside world.  That means building a strong network.  Consider these questions concerning your network:

  • What have I said to or done for people in my network that has led to interviews?
  • What have I said or done that has not produced job leads?
  • What will you do to meet your goals by this time next week?  You must set specific, measurable goals in networking and all your job-search efforts.

2nd Frustration – After job interviews, I got no email, call, or letter from employers.  What am I doing wrong?

Rather than be discouraged, follow-up with the interviewer.  Not only does it show your appreciation for the interview but serves as a reminder about your interest in the job.  In addition, reflect on how your interviews went.  What did you do well, and what could you improve on?  When it comes to interviews, practice makes perfect and will help you land a job.

As you continue with your job search, don’t focus on the frustrations you might be experiencing.  Instead focus on getting the job you want.

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