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Posted February 25, 2014 by

Want Your Resume Noticed for Recent Graduate Jobs? 10 Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Competition

In order to compete for recent graduate jobs, you need to have a top notch resume.  The following post has tips to help recent graduates stand out from the competition with their resumes.

According to a recent study, for every job a recent graduate applies for, they’re competing with about 160 other applicants. That’s a lot of competition! So how do you get your resume to stand out from a sea of equally (or even more) qualified people? Check out these 10 resume writing hacks that will help your resume get to

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Posted December 27, 2013 by

Applying for Entry Level Jobs? 5 Tips for Your Resume to Impress Recruiters

Before applying to entry level jobs, check out five tips for your resume that can impress recruiters in the following post.

You’ve shown your resume to several people and each provided you with some similar advice. They may also have given you tips that seem to conflict with each other. It’s great to get feedback from people you trust, and ideally some actual resume experts. Ultimately however, the person’s opinion of your resume that really matters is

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Posted November 13, 2013 by

Want an Entry Level Job? 5 Resume Tips to Earn an Interview

As an entry level job seeker, you need to write a resume that focuses on the needs of a potential employer.  So, if you want to earn an interview, use these five resume tips in the following post.

Entry-level resumes tend to be plagued by bland formats and poorly-written objective statements. These serve only to provide employers with a vague, one-line statement about the type of position the job seeker wants. A resume shouldn’t be all about what you want—especially when it’s communicating in generalities.

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Posted November 13, 2013 by

Eyeing Your Resume – What Recruiters Are Noticing in a Short Time

Examining a resume closer with an eye glass

Examining a resume closer with an eye glass. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When writing their resumes, job seekers should make sure they focus on getting recruiters’ attention.  Why is this important?  With so many job seekers submitting resumes, recruiters simply don’t have much time to spend on them.  Research has shown that they spend about six seconds scanning a resume, so job seekers must make a great first impression in order to get noticed.  Recruiters are using a technique known as “eye tracking” when searching resumes, which could help determine your document’s fate. (more…)

Posted August 08, 2013 by

Applying for an Entry Level Job? 5 Tips When Choosing the Format and Font for Your Resume

It is true that the content of your resume is important, but that doesn’t mean its appearance should not be considered when applying for an entry level job.  In the following post, learn five tips to help you choose your resume’s format and font.

There are so many things that you have to pay attention to with your resume. Is it error-free? Do you sell yourself enough? Should you keep that job in that doesn’t really fit because it fills a gap, or remove it? Objective or no objective? With all of those concerns, you probably aren’t


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Posted July 19, 2013 by

10 Steps to a Better Resume male photoThere is no right or wrong way to write a resume. But competition for jobs is fierce right now. You need to develop a resume that sets you apart from the masses. It can’t be a passive piece of paper. It must be a passionate representation of who you are and why you are the best person for the job.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important that you help employers see the benefits of hiring you over someone else. Organizations need to know that you will help them attain their corporate objectives. Your resume is the first step in expressing that message to them. Here are some helpful tips to get you started. (more…)

Posted March 28, 2013 by

What are Performance Reviews or Appraisals

If you are concerned about what to expect in a performance review on the job, learn more about what it is in the following post.

Be it the year end review or the beginning of the year goal setting meeting, you might feel as if it is just another meeting to get done with. Think again, your performance management, appraisals and reviews impact you in different ways. It could mean a higher raise, an opportunity for a

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What are Performance Reviews or Appraisals

Posted December 14, 2012 by

How To Beat The Job Hunting Blues

CollegeRecruiter.comThere is no question that finding a job takes hard work.  Over time if you’re unsuccessful in your job search, it is possible to get discouraged.  In the following post, learn some tips to help you overcome this feeling.

The following is a guest post by Larissa Gula. Write a resume, write a cover letter. Write a resume, write a cover letter. Repeat until you successfully land a job. Everyone’s been in this position, and many people are looking for employment opportunities right now. There’s no doubt that the job hunting process takes time,

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How To Beat The Job Hunting Blues