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Posted June 03, 2013 by

LeBron James’ Jobs for College Students Who Want Internships

Most of us would agree that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA, and now his company is looking for the best interns.  Learn more about these jobs for college students in the following post.

Featured: Not Featured I was traveling last night and a friend sent over the link for LeBron James’ new internship program. Clearly, we had to cover it! It looks like LeBron’s company,, launched an internship program for journalism, marketing and communications majors. Some of the tasks that look interesting include: • Maintaining basketball and technology

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And Then LeBron James Launched An Internship Program….

Posted May 16, 2013 by

Tips New Employees with Recent Graduate Jobs Can Use

Congratulations to those of you who have started or will start recent graduate jobs.  Remember the tips in the following post while at work.

I’m staying with some friends in South Florida this week. Both are managers in their fields and we’re always chatting about best practices and how their employees can perform better. Here are a few tips we put together: 1. Listen to Your Manager. Don’t create your own rules. Follow the systems in place. 2. Think

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Quick Job Tips For The Day

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Applying for an Entry Level Job – How to Say More with Less

If you were asked to describe yourself on an entry level job application, how long would it take you?  In the following post, learn how to say more with less.

The days of lengthy cover letters and bulleted resumes are fading as employers ask job applicants to present their case in a modern and challenging way—by describing themselves and why they are a perfect fit for a job in 150 characters or less.  Borrowing from the style of Twitter (which maxes out at

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Your Guide to Applying for a Job in 150 Characters or Less

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What’s Your Weakness?

How should job seekers handle this question in an interview?  Learn more in the following post.

Look at you, you’re ready to conquer the world, you’ve got this. There’s no way the interview can go wrong. You’ve prepared for this; you know everything about the company. Not to mention, that new blazer you’re rocking? Classy choice. There isn’t spinach in your teeth; there are no butterflies in your stomach.


What’s Your Weakness?

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Strategies to Maximize Your Opportunities in Today’s Job Market

CollegeRecruiter.comAs a job seeker, you want to put yourself in the best position to get a job.  The following post has steps to help you on your way to achieving this goal.

5 Steps to Reach Your Career and Life Goals

Step 1. Know What You Bring to the Table and What Drives You!

In order to bridge the gap from college to your first career you need to know yourself; what do you bring to the table and what drives you, what you value and what you can do that adds value.  All of this should be succinctly crafted into a personal mission statement. I’d like to quote Eric Hellweg who writes for the Harvard Business Review. He asserts that most companies, regardless of their sectors, have a mission statement. And most are awash in jargon and marble-mouthed pronouncements. Worse still, these gobbledy-gook statements are often forgotten by, misremembered, or flatly ignored by frontline employees.


Strategies to Maximize Your Opportunities in Today’s Job Market

Posted December 17, 2012 by Founder Selected to Present at 2013 NACE Annual Conference

Steven Rothberg of

Steven Rothberg of

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, December 17, 2012 – Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of, has been selected as one of the presenters at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2013 Annual Conference in Orlando next June.

“It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had the opportunity to deliver a presentation at the NACE annual conference and I’m excited about doing so again next spring. NACE conferences are always very well attended by hundreds of the world’s leading employers of university students and recent graduates and even more college career service office professionals. The organizers are always laser focused on delivering the content that their members want, regardless of whether those members are new to the field or have decades of experience,” said Rothberg. (more…)