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Posted August 16, 2013 by

4 Rules for Being Religious at Work

Businessman sitting in office praying

Businessman sitting in office praying. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Politics and religion—the two topics nobody wants discussed at the dinner table. Why? Because those two topics are polarizing and can quickly turn a functional situation dysfunctional. But work isn’t the dinner table, so shouldn’t you be free to talk about and practice your religion as you see fit? After all, at work you are protected by the Civil Rights Act—something that, sadly, won’t protect you at Thanksgiving. (more…)

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5 Ways Yoga Can Benefit Your Search for an Entry Level Job

Is finding an entry level job stressing you out?  Learn five ways yoga can help in the following post.

When you’re in the deep trenches of job seeking, the last thing you’re likely thinking about is yoga. You probably have more pressing issues to deal with. Perhaps you’re worried about how to pay next month’s rent or can’t shake that the dreadful feeling you’ll never find employment again

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5 Yoga Lessons to Apply to Your Job Hunt

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What to Leave Off While Writing Your Resume

Leslie Anglesey

Leslie Anglesey

When you are preparing your resume, you want it to be letter perfect so you can convince a prospective employer that you are the best candidate for the job. One false move on this all-important document can get you passed over for a chance to be invited for that all-important interview. Which items have no place on your resume? Here are some examples of what you should not include in your writing: (more…)