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Posted October 16, 2013 by

How to Make it Through Your Entry Level Job in the First Year

If you’re anxious about making it through the first day of your entry level job, you are probably not thinking about how to make it through the first year.  However, you can do it by considering some tips in the following post.

Some people aren’t prepared for their first day of work, let alone learning how to navigate office obstacles to build a career. Between you and your three best friends, one won’t make it through the first year, and two won’t last 18 months. Don’t be a statistic. (Click here to tweet this thought.) Learn to

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Posted August 13, 2013 by

5 Reasons Why Being Fired from Your Entry Level Job May Not be a Bad Thing

No one likes to be fired, but perhaps this experience can lead to something better, like a new entry level job.  The following post has five reasons why being let go may benefit your career.

So you lost your job—and you weren’t exactly laid off. Maybe budget cutbacks were involved somehow, but deep down, you know the truth: Lots of people in the company are still in their chairs, and you aren’t one of them. And maybe there’s no ambiguity about your

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What’s Keeping You from the Career You Want? 5 Reasons You Won’t Land that Dream Entry Level Job

Having doubt in life is normal.  However, if you really desire to achieve a goal, then you have to believe it is possible and pursue your dreams.  The following post offers five reasons that will keep you from landing an entry level job in the career field you want, as well as advice to deal with your concerns.

Do you have a brilliant business idea and want to strike out on your own, but feel you simply can’t—there’s too much holding you back? Every day, we hear stories about people who are trapped and miserable in cubicles and corporate life. More often than not, we aren’t

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Posted June 19, 2013 by

Entry Level Job Seekers, Have You Heard These 7 Statements Relative to the Real World?

As entry level job seekers entering the real world, college students and recent graduates will likely be told many things.  However, they may not all necessarily be true, according to the following post.

American college students have been trained from an alarmingly young age to believe that as long as they show up, they should be rewarded. And that is lulling them into a false sense of security. After all, simply being there isn’t the same as contributing, and participating isn’t the same as succeeding

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The Truth Hurts: 7 Lies You’ve Been Told About the “Real World”

Posted April 22, 2013 by

Top 5 Interview Questions – Know how to answer them!

Man and woman exchange greetingMany people walk into an interview with a copy of their resume, cover letter and a few examples of their most recent work. However, as interviewees focus on their job timeline, the correct form of attire and keeping their paperwork organized– one key factor can slip their mind. Preparing for the unexpected inquiry!

Review these top 5 questions commonly asked by interviewers and develop your dialogue before the interview starts. (more…)

Posted December 07, 2012 by

What Is The Best Job Search Tool? Failure

CollegeRecruiter.comDo you feel like you have not succeeded in your job search?  The following post helps you understand why you can find success in failure during your search.

Failure is inevitable in a job search. The likelihood that you will find the perfect job and that you will get that job in your first search is next to none. This means that you will have to search again and again. You will fail. You will fail at finding a job. You will fail at landing a job. But that is not a bad thing. Failure is your greatest tool and I am going to help you understand why.

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What Is The Best Job Search Tool? Failure