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Posted May 21, 2014 by

5 Rookie Mistakes People Make in Their First Job–and How to Prevent Them

Vicky Oliver

Vicky Oliver

A new study found that 2014 college grads face a challenging job market–and may end up having to take a low-quality job to start. (Here’s the link.) But whether or not a starter job ever leads to a dream job, there are some basic, informal rules of behavior that every new employee should try to master, and some mistakes it just makes sense to try and avoid.

Here are some classic rookie mistakes to avoid and the solutions. (more…)

Posted May 15, 2014 by

Using Social Media to Find Recent Graduate Jobs? Tips to Enhance Your Search

If you need tips to improve your search for recent graduate jobs on social media, find some in the following post.

In management studies, students are always told to get in the consumer’s shoes. When you know what your audience wants, it’s much easier to deliver directly to their expectations. Getting hired is a similar process. When you go out there in the market, you are essentially selling yourself to

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Don’t Like Your Entry Level Job and Want to Run Your Own Business? What You Can Learn from Your Current Job for the Future

Even though your entry level job may not be the career you’re really interested in, it can teach you some skills if you want to run your own business in the future.  In the following post, find out what skills in your job can benefit you down the road as an entrepreneur.

For many side hustlers and wannabe entrepreneurs, “the day job” can seem like the enemy. Sure, it’s a paycheck, and that can be a helpful safety net while you’re trying to grow your own business. But it’s often little more than that. You slog through it, biding your time until

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Posted February 25, 2014 by

College Graduates, Starting Those First Entry Level Jobs? Don’t Make These 5 Rookie Mistakes

For college graduates who don’t want to get off on the wrong foot on their first entry level jobs, be sure to avoid these five rookie mistakes in the following post.

This is a guest post by Vicky Oliver A new study found that 2014 college grads face a challenging job market–and may end up having to take a low-quality job to start with. (Here’s the link.) But whether your starter job will put you on the path to your dream


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Posted October 21, 2013 by

First Time Entry Level Job Seekers, Don’t Make These 5 Rookie Mistakes

If you’re a first time entry level job seeker, you don’t want to do anything to hurt your job search.  The following post has five mistakes to avoid as a rookie job seeker.

As a university career counselor, I often meet with seniors to discuss their job search process. I’ve begun keeping a record of the most common job mistakes I see students during their search for their first professional job. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid these unfortunate job search blunders!

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16 Networking Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs

While networking can be beneficial for your career, it can also be hurtful if not done correctly.  When searching for recent college graduate jobs, be sure to avoid the mistakes in the following post when engaging with other people.

Networking is a skill that helps you build long‐lasting business and social relationships. What many people don’t realize is that networking can be done very well – and it can be done poorly… and, instead of helping, can negatively impact your career. Here are the 16 most common networking mistakes to avoid…


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Posted August 20, 2013 by

3 ways to best navigate your college career center

Open door to the word Help in red letters

Open door to the word Help in red letters. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Maybe you’ve walked by it, used it once or twice or don’t even know it exists. Whatever the case may be, your college’s career center can be an excellent resource for you to figure out a major, find a job or internship, or simply learn how to craft a resume or cover letter. Even if you’re attending an online college, your school may offer career services as well.

Before you pay a visit to your school’s career center, you should put some thought into how you’ll use its services. Here are three tips to help you navigate your college career center. (more…)

Posted June 21, 2013 by

Looking for the Best Interns to Fill Jobs for College Students? What to Consider in Your Internship Program

Employers looking for the best interns to fill jobs for college students should take time to consider certain things in their internship program.  Find out more in the following post.

Kelly Bogey started working as a recruiter for WilsonHCG right out of college and immediately noticed a connection between strong recruiting practices and college recruiting. Since then, she has dedicated her career to…


The Internship Challenge –