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Posted August 19, 2013 by

Do You Take Your Boss for Granted?

While employers probably don’t expect you to kiss up to them, it never hurts to say thank you.  By doing so, they will know that their employees are appreciative, not taking them for granted.

Caring bosses who help employees with their personal and work problems shouldn’t expect gratitude, loyalty and commitment in return, new research has warned.

According to a study by IMD business school, most managers believe offering emotional support will benefit their company.

Yet most employees simply view such shows of kindness as part of their superiors’ duties and have no intention of working any harder by way of saying thank-you. (more…)

Posted July 12, 2013 by

7 Signs You Have Terrible People Skills

Dawn Dugan

Dawn Dugan, contributing writer

As your career progresses one of your goals is to ensure that your “hard” skills — tangible, teachable skills and abilities that allow you to perform your job — are up to snuff. But in your effort to hone your hard skills, don’t ignore your “soft” skills.

Soft skills, sometimes called “people skills” or “emotional intelligence,” are less tangible qualities that determine how you manage your own behavior, as well as interact with and get along with others. While soft skills are more difficult to measure than hard skills, they are just as important when it comes to job prospects and advancement. (more…)

Posted June 21, 2013 by

Just Landed an Entry Level Job? Follow Tips from Car Salesmen to Have a Successful Career

You may be wondering how a car salesmen can help you have a successful career.  The following post shares tips to remember if you have an entry level job.

Picture this: a mass of salesmen, in their starched white shirts and tacky bright-colored ties, flocks to you as soon as you pull into the lot. They’re like zombies on the attack, hungry for your cash rather than your intellect. Although the common perception of car salesmen is

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Use a Car Salesman’s Techniques to Succeed in Your Career

Posted May 09, 2013 by

10 Steps to Stop Procrastinating–So You Can Be More Productive at Work

Jude Bijou

Jude Bijou

Everyone procrastinates. We usually do it to avoid a task that’s unpleasant or daunting. But when procrastinating starts to interfere with performance at work–by causing us to feel worried, fearful, and stressed-out, or by causing others to feel anxious because we’re holding up progress–then it’s time to stop putting the task aside and get on with it.

Here are 10 ways to get out of the quicksand of procrastination and reap numerous benefits, which include improved productivity, enhanced mood, less stress, better coworker relationships, a sense of accomplishment, and restored reputation at work as a “doer.” (more…)