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Posted April 02, 2014 by

Young Professionals, Landed Entry Level Jobs but Want to Get Your MBA? Reasons for Your Employer to be Supportive

For young professionals with entry level jobs thinking about going back to school to pursue an MBA, the following post has some reasons for your employer to be supportive of your decision.

Are you a current or prospective MBA student? Our MBA Corner is just for you. Heading back to school to earn your MBA? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to quit your job. In fact, you’ll find many advantages to remaining employed, whether part time or full time, while also pursuing an education. Continuing

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Posted October 09, 2013 by

Keeping Creative Could Mean Keeping A Job

A creative group of young business people looking at artwork

A creative group of young business people looking at artwork. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Thinking outside the box, having a fresh point of view, finding unorthodox solutions to problems–what do all of these highly valued traits have in common?  They’re all traits of creative people.  Even if you don’t work in a traditionally creative field, it’s becoming more and more important to bring your creative sensibilities out to work.  Why?  As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, creative thinking has become nearly vital.  According to a study done with Adobe, a whopping 71% of respondents think that creativity is so important that it should be taught as a course. (more…)

Posted June 05, 2013 by

The Makings of an Indispensable Employee

Smiling employee with her arms crossed

Smiling employee with her arms crossed. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The 2013 global economy is as volatile as ever before, seemingly fluctuating more often than ocean tides. This instability forces employees in all working sectors to be on their toes and strive for adaptability.

The days of coasting through a perfect routine in the workplace have faded into the oblivion and people are expected to mold their talents to their employer’s immediate needs. (more…)