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Posted September 27, 2012 by

$300 Cash Contest for Best Short Video on Voter ID Law

Our Vote Our Future logoThe Coalition for Voting MN (CoVM) is seeking videos to educate, move, engage, enrage, and motivate voters to oppose the proposed amendment of Minnesota’s constitution to require voters to present government-issued photo identification to a Minnesota election official.

CoVM is looking for videos that contain a strong emotional appeal and/or fact based messages to counter the overblown/false anxieties about voter fraud. Don’t tell us who may be disenfranchised by Voter ID – show us. Funny is good. Reference to the cost to implement voter ID is good. Information on the integrity of current voting system is good (why fix something that isn’t broken?). Submissions outside of Twin Cities metro are especially sought so send this to your friends who live outstate. (more…)