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Posted December 26, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Do You Show Professionalism on Your Recent Graduate Jobs?

For young professionals on recent graduate jobs and other employees in the workplace, there are certain qualities that define them as a professional.  In the following post, learn what these qualities are and more from an infographic.

The word “professional” gets thrown around a lot. Many believe it has to do with someone’s title, or experience level. Others consider someone to be more or less professional by the way they dress, or by their work ethic. But what does this word really mean? And why is this important to know?

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Posted September 25, 2013 by

Does Your Entry Level Job Achieve Your Flow State?

College graduates, whichever entry level job you choose should be one that fulfills your interests.  Otherwise, you’re not likely to achieve your flow state.  Learn more about this concept in the following post.

It’s hardly groundbreaking news that Americans hate going to work. Especially when you see stories like the guy who outsourced his own job to China to watch cat videos in his cube all day. But the idea that 70 percent of US employees feel disengaged and bored at work is astonishing

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Posted August 15, 2013 by

Data Scientist Named “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”; Important Characteristics for the Position

Current and future data scientists may be excited to know that their position has been named the “sexiest job of the 21st Century.”  The following post has more information and features an infographic, which includes important characteristics for being a data scientist.

FICO, a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company, recently released an infographic showing the characteristics of a good data scientist — what a Harvard Business Review article called the “sexiest job of the 21st century.”

The rise of Big Data has fueled demand for data scientists. reported that job postings for analytic scientists jumped 15,000 percent between the summer of 2011 and 2012. McKinsey & Company predicted the U.S. will see a 50- to 60-percent shortfall in analytic scientists by 2018. (more…)

Posted July 22, 2013 by

5 Ways the Superman Entrepreneur Isn’t a Team Player

Prasad Kaipa

Prasad Kaipa

“Team spirit” is a term that many companies embrace. But being a team player applies to entrepreneurs, too. When they don’t play by those rules, it’s likely none of the employees will, either.

This is especially true when entrepreneurs believe they’re better than their underlings, a phenomenon which has been referred to as the Superman Complex. That’s when they believe they’re stronger, smarter, faster and better than his workers.

If you find that your colleagues start rolling their eyes when you get within talking distance of them, have a look at this checklist. Your Superman complex may be turning off the very people you most rely on. (more…)

Posted June 27, 2013 by

Why job descriptions matter

Someone filling out job description in front of newspaper advertisement

Someone filling out job description in front of newspaper advertisement. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The keys to success in a well-managed practice are high-quality patient care and excellent service. It’s one thing to have outstanding clinicians, but the practice must also commit to its employees.

To do a good job, employees must know what is expected of them and how they will be evaluated. Job descriptions not only help practices hire and retain the right employees, they can also have a positive effect on productivity and profitability. (more…)

Posted September 06, 2012 by

9 Characteristics of Top Performers

Heather Dugan

Heather Dugan, contributing writer

Don stood by, riveted by the wreckage. “It’s a burning platform, Jim.”

“We’ve gotta make hay, Don! Why weren’t we leveraged for this?”

Grimly, the two office warriors surveyed the damage laid out in grids on a six-page spreadsheet.

“No warning, Jim. Last week we were talking foursomes and fourth quarter. At this juncture, he’s out-of-pocket for the long haul.”

Excel-shocked, the two men stared down a bleak future in utter silence, until inspiration struck. “Better bring Diane in for this. She can handle it.” Don shrugged, “Sounds like a plan.”

Jim smiled. “Wanna do lunch?”

Becoming the Go-To Guy/Gal

She may look ordinary, tapping out an email while fielding phone calls and fending off recaps of Ellen’s favorite sitcom, but Diane is a magnet for special projects and problem solving. “Check with Diane” and “Maybe Diane will have an idea,” are all-too-common phrases heard around the office.

Diane was never a last team pick in gym class and considered far too valuable for bench sitting. Instead, she blazed toward the goal or base — ready for the quick pass or throw and primed to score for the team. Still in the action, Diane gets the head nod in meetings and the mention in memos, and her stellar traits and skills can be developed by just about anybody.

Interested? Read on to find out how you can become your office’s “Diane.” (more…)