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Posted March 03, 2014 by

College Students, Interested in Entry Level Jobs as Medical Assistants? Information About this Career Choice

College students who would like to find entry level jobs as medical assistants can learn more about this potential career choice in the following post.

What will you learn? Through medical assistant training you would acquire many skills that are common to people training to become doctors. For instance drawing blood, collecting fluid samples, checking the vitals of a patient, administering medication, etc. In large hospitals, doctors seldom have the time to interact with each patient as their case loads are usually


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Posted June 17, 2013 by

How to begin a career as a certified medical assistant

Starting a new career in the medical field is a great way to go with your profession. There are many fields of expertise to choose from and it can be overwhelming to get started. You could go the whole way and become a doctor or nurse or you can become a Medical Assistant. This position is in high demand and will always need great, friendly and compassionate people in the position. For those that choose to go into this field, it is a great way to work in the medical field and really make a difference. This person in the office has great responsibility and is the one who truly makes the office run smoothly. How do you get started? Check out these tips and see how you can be on your way to a new future today. (more…)