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Dress for Success on Day One of Your Entry Level Job

Your appearance is part of what makes you a professional in the workplace.  So make sure you send this message on day one of your new entry level job.  Consider some advice to help you dress for success in the following post.

First impressions matter, and how you dress on the first day of a new entry-level job permanently affects your co-workers’ and supervisors’ impressions of you. Many people are unsure of how to dress for the first day of an…

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How to Dress for Your First Day of Entry-Level Job : Non-Stop Jobs

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Four Ways To Go From Middle Manager To Executive

CollegeRecruiter.comHow do you take the next step in your career from middle manager to an executive?  The following post offers tips on how to move up the corporate ladder.

You don’t have to be a middle manager forever. Sure you may never land the CEO job, but becoming a C-level executive isn’t out of the question as long as you have more than the desired skill set.

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Four Ways To From Middle Manager To Executive

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Interview Answers from The Interview Coach, Carole Martin

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Q. In 2010, after getting laid off, I made the decision to put my career on hold so that I could care for my elderly parents. Now I’ve made other arrangements for them, I am able to resume my career path as a software developer. I have been a developer/programmer since the mid 80’s.

I am having a serious problem getting interviews and getting hired. I have no recent professional references. Second, I have some gaps in my employment because of relocation.  Third, I am not up-to-date with current technology.I am in my early 50’s and know no other trade.

Recently my wife lost her job. Until then we had been surviving on her income. Now we are in a dire situation with very little income.

What can you recommend? (more…)

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8 Ways to Keep Your Job in a Tough Economy

Dawn Dugan

Dawn Dugan, contributing writer

Layoffs. Downsizing. Reorganization. These common workplace buzzwords are a sign of the times. Today, more than ever, holding on to your job can feel like survival of the fittest, with seriously high stakes if you lose.

One of the best ways to keep your job is to show your organization that it simply wouldn’t be the same without you. In a world where some people will do anything to keep their jobs or earn that coveted promotion, this article will explore eight ways to communicate your value to your employer, without compromising your own values. (more…)

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Learn from Entrepreneurs to Achieve Career Success

You may have many people who give you advice on how to have a successful career.  Developing the mind set of a successful entrepreneur may help you achieve this success.

There used to be a simple formula for building a good American life: Go to school and make good grades. Then go to college. Then find a job with a good company. Work hard. Save money. Finally, enjoy a decent (if not lavish) retirement. For years, the middle class has dutifully followed this path. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the most exciting life but it paid the bills and maybe even allowed for a week or two of vacation every year.

Amazing how much can change in a decade or two. These days the traditional path leads only to daily stress, crushing debt, and uncertainty about the future. The most remarkable part is that so many people continue to blindly follow it, says Gregory Downing—when what we really need to do is make an about-face and learn how to think about work and wealth in a whole new way. (more…)

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8 Reasons Why You’re not Getting Ahead in Your Career

Are you wondering why you are not taking that next step in your career?  Perhaps, you’re hurting your own chances.

You’re a hard worker. You stay late at the office and never complain. You’re your boss’ go to person on big projects, and you never let him down. You’re always taking on extra responsibility even when your plate is spilling over. And yet, your career trajectory is as flat as a board.

Meanwhile, you can’t help but notice the coworkers who put in fewer hours than you but who’ve managed to get themselves promoted over you. Or that friend of yours whose long-shot cupcake bakery idea turned into a huge success. Or the countless wealthy businesspeople featured in the business magazines and blogs you read religiously who seem to have reached even greater success over the past few years despite the down economy. Of course, you’re tired of merely scraping out an existence, but you’ve concluded real success is all about luck, and you just don’t have any.

Wrong! Says Vickie Milazzo. She explains that if you want to achieve her brand of wicked success, it’s all on you. Luck doesn’t have anything to do with it. (more…)

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Returning To The Workforce After An Extended Absence

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Be able to explain why you have decided that now is the time for you to return to the work force – why now?

Have a convincing statement about your goals or intentions of staying in the work force after being away for a period of time – this is best done by scripting and practicing your answer so that you feel confident saying it in the interview. (more…)

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How to Land Your Dream Job in Public Administration

Your public administration degree has prepared you for a variety of occupations you probably never dreamed possible. From your state’s supreme court and various charitable organizations to nursing homes and the Nuclear Regulatory commission; all of these career paths are possible with a degree in Public Administration, and plenty of hard work. If you’re a recent graduate, or interested in this highly-lucrative and rewarding field, here are a few ways to get a leg up on the competition, and maybe even land a job beyond your wildest dreams. (more…)

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Tips for Making a Successful Career Comeback

At exactly 9:53 AM Central Time, on June 19, Jonah Lehrer ceased to be science writing’s Wunderkind and found himself in the virtual company of journalistic miscreants who’ve straddled and overstepped the lines of what’s ethical in journalism.

Exposed by media critic Jim Romenesko, Lehrer, the prolific writer and author of books such as “Imagine: How Creativity works” and “How we Decide” and blogger of counterintuitive studies and ideas, was found to have repeatedly reused chunks of his previously published work, sometimes slightly modified, in subsequent articles and inserted into blogs, most notably for his new employer, The New Yorker.

The Teacher Gets a Lesson

What rankles in particular appears to be the sheer amount of recycling Jonah’s practiced with his own work, not to mention reports of how long he’s been at it. Evidence posted on various websites shows his duplicated prose appearing in articles from WIRED to New York Times magazine to the Wall Street Journal to his newest gig at the aforementioned New Yorker where he’s been on staff for a mere four weeks . Calling Lehrer everything from “onanist” to “recyclist” and the especially cutting “plagiarist” — kryptonite for any writer with any sort of reputation — offended journalists across the online media tore into Lehrer like a tornado into a small Kansas town once the news broke, leaving the man’s reputation in tatters across the search engines.

“Lehrer” is German for teacher. The teacher has been schooled. (more…)

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5 Ways to Get Ahead During Summer

And suddenly, Summer.

Coats go into storage, you’re buying sunscreen by the gallon, and your mind instantly shifts from spreadsheets and status meetings to suntans and sandy beaches.

However, while kids might be screaming “school’s out for summer” and racing for the playground, things don’t quite work that way as an adult in the business world. But don’t worry, the tips below won’t be as painful as summer school. So here are 5 ways you can use summer to your advantage professionally. (more…)