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Posted June 14, 2013 by

Want to Communicate Better on Your Entry Level Job? Avoid These 10 Communication Mistakes

While you may not be the most talkative person on your entry level job, it is important to have good communication skills.  Improve yours by avoiding 10 communication mistakes in the following post.

A Guest Post by Marvin Brown Whether you’re engaging in chitchat with coworkers on the first day of your new job, or talking to a prospective client to land a potential sale, you need good communication skills in the workplace. All employees experience awkward moments, such as being alone in the elevator with

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10 Communication Mistakes Employees Make – and How to Fix Them

Posted June 04, 2013 by

Women Starting Entry Level Jobs, Watch Out for 5 Career Obstacles

The following post has five obstacles women should avoid as they start their careers with entry level jobs.

If you’re like most girls in the corporate world, you want to enjoy a career which is rewarding, challenging and gives you plenty of opportunities to grow. There are, however, a few stumbling blocks which will significantly reduce your chances of promotion and happiness at work. Here are 5 main things to keep in check. 1. Avoid Politics.

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Woman’s Guide To A Successful Career: 5 Little-Known Stumbling Blocks To Avoid

Posted May 23, 2013 by

Working in Recent Graduate Jobs? Prepare for Your Performance Review

For people who have been working in recent graduate jobs, there may a come a time to have a performance review.  The following post has information to help you prepare for this meeting.

Whew! The review is over and we don’t want to think about it again for another year.  But, could that be a mistake?  Could it be that performance reviews can actually be valuable tools in helping us reach our career goals? The answer to both questions is – yes!  If

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Don’t Mess-up Your Performance Review – Tips for Being Well-Prepared

Posted May 02, 2013 by

Volunteering Makes Employees Happy and Factors into Job Decision Making

According to one study, Americans experience happiness when they volunteer.  It benefits them professionally and personally.  Learn more in the following post, including one group that considers volunteering in its entry level job decision making.

Creating programs that strengthen employee retention makes happier employees and better work and also saves the company money in hiring and training expenses. Additionally, meaningful volunteer programs create a more appealing and competitive company for talented individuals who are considering working for the company. There is no doubt that corporate socialresponsibilityand employee engagement rank high on the priority

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The Positive Impact of Employee Volunteering

Posted May 02, 2013 by

Is Self-employment the Entry Level Job for You?

If you have been searching for an entry level job but can’t seem to find an employer you would like to work for, maybe self-employment is an option.  Learn more in the following post.

99.9 percent of all businesses in the United States are small businesses, with three‐fourths representing the self‐employed. ( Recent figures have shown that the amount of those choosing to enter into self-employment has risen dramatically since the recession started, with 367,000 more people self-employed in 2012 than there was in 2008. As 60% of this figure began working for themselves between 2011 and 2012, it would perhaps suggest that people had

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Self-employment: why it’s on the rise and how it could work for you

Posted May 01, 2013 by

Employees with Entry Level Jobs and Other Positions Can Return to Work with Disabilities

Just because you may have a disability, that does not mean you can’t go back to work.  In the following post, learn some tips on how to get back to your entry level job or other position more quickly than you might expect.

In the US, individuals with disabilities accounted for 9.4 million, or 6.0 percent, of the 155.9 million civilian labor force. The three most common occupations for men with disabilities were drivers/sales workers and truck drivers (246,000); janitors and building cleaners (217,000); and laborers and freight, stock, and material movers (171,000). For women,

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How Disabled Employees Can Make Their Way Back to the Workforce

Posted April 26, 2013 by

What you Must Know When Transitioning to a Leadership Role

So, now you have achieved one of your professional goals for 2013: getting a promotion within your company.  How should you handle the transition into a new job?  The following post offers some advice.

Congratulations! You’ve got the promotion you’ve been waiting for catapulting you to a leadership role within your organization. As you prepare for the new responsibilities and challenges ahead it is best to be prepared well. These tips might help you in transitioning to the new leadership role, add

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What you Must Know When Transitioning to a Leadership Role

Posted April 19, 2013 by

Benefits of Socializing at the Workplace

While business should be first and foremost in the workplace, there can be advantages to social interaction among employees.  Learn more in the following post.

We spend most of our waking hours at work but due to stressful work or just a busy schedule we often times miss out on getting to really know our colleagues. Most of the communication is professional, as it should be, but are there any benefits to knowing our co-workers at a deeper level? View post:

Benefits of Socializing at the Workplace

Posted April 10, 2013 by

3 Initial Steps on the Road to Career Discovery

Are you trying to decide what career path to take?  If so, the following post has three steps you can take in this process.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius Look around, jobs are everywhere – in every industry. However, the key is to find a job that you like, not one that you need to push yourself into. Because if you’re not enjoying


3 Initial Steps on the Road to Career Discovery

Posted April 04, 2013 by

4 Reasons Why Employers Must Encourage Telecommuting

Why should employers allow employees to work from home?  The following post has four good reasons.

2.5% of the U.S. employee workforce (3.1 million people, not including the self-employed or unpaid volunteers) considers home their primary place of work. it is also estimated that 20 to 30 million Americans work from home at least one day a week.-According to an analysis Attract and Retain Employees

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4 Reasons Why Employers Must Encourage Telecommuting