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Posted May 27, 2014 by

How Recent Grads Can Plan Careers as They Pursue Entry Level Jobs

For recent graduates who didn’t plan their careers while in school, that does not mean they can’t do so today.  As these grads pursue entry level jobs, learn how they can still plan careers in the following post.

I received a tweet this morning from a senior who graduated from a university a few days ago, “what do you do when you are exactly as the student described in that post except you are now in the real world?” Basically, what do you do if it’s too late


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Posted May 15, 2014 by

College Students, Start Career Planning for Entry Level Jobs

To give themselves a better chance to find entry level jobs later, college students should start career planning now.  In the following post, learn two things they need for their planning.

At a previous college, I had the opportunity to visit freshmen classrooms to present on career planning. My message to students was to start now; to take specific action steps each year so you will be in much better position to achieve your career goals come graduation. No matter where we are in


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Posted March 04, 2014 by

From the Start, Make a Great First Impression When Interviewing for Recent Graduate Jobs

Candidates must understand that when interviewing for recent graduate jobs, making a great first impression starts before the actual interview.  Learn more in the following post.

impressions. Or rather, a series of first impressions. How you present your personal brand both online, and in your resume and cover letter is usually where it starts. This carries through to when you arrive for your first interview. One of the most important moments in terms of making an impression

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Posted January 09, 2014 by

Need Some Guidance While Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs? 10 Things to Know About Mentorship

Understanding what mentorship is can help you get the most out of this relationship for your career.  So if you’re searching for recent graduate jobs and didn’t know them already, learn 10 things about mentorship in the following post.

If you are a college student, recent graduate or young professional perhaps you’ve become aware that mentorship – and curating mentor relationships – has become a critical element in your career development. Since mentorship is a relatively new aspect of career planning, made even more important by the continuing issues with our economy

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Posted January 02, 2014 by

Are You an Internship Finder or Job Seeker in the New Year? Make Sure You Have a Plan

It’s the new year and if you are an internship finder or job seeker, take time to plan on how to achieve your career goal(s).  Learn more in the following post.

Hey… do you want to read another post about how to set New Year’s resolutions for a successful job or internship search? Sorry. This isn’t one of them. The truth is… January 1st isn’t magical. It’s a date on the calendar like any other. But perhaps therein


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Posted December 02, 2013 by

4 Questions Parents Should Ask Their College Students this Holiday Break

Father and son standing in front of a dormitory

Father and son standing in front of a dormitory. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Parents should always encourage their college student to excel academically. However, equally important is encouraging them to learn skills that will form the foundation for a rich professional and personal life. Those include campus participation, career planning, building bonds with their campus, and finding quality friendships and meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

David Porter, a consultant to colleges and universities throughout North America, says, “Students who are socially connected to their campus have better GPAs, are personally and academically more responsible, and have a better chance of graduating.”

Mr. Porter shares four questions every parent should ask their college student while they’re home for the holidays: (more…)

Posted August 20, 2013 by

Is There Room for Growth on Your Entry Level Job?

If career advancement from an entry level job is one of your professional goals, make sure you do your research to see if an opportunity is available before accepting a new position.  The following post has three ways to help you find out if a job has the potential for career growth.

Any entry-level position can seem like a financial step up – especially after a stretch of unemployment or minimum-wage work – and it’s easy to get excited about your sudden wealth of steady paychecks, medical and dental…

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Posted August 20, 2013 by

Can You Predict Your Career Path?

career planningOne of the most important, yet commonly overlooked, to-do in our careers is to create a projected career path for the future. Whether you’re still in college, just graduated, or are currently pursuing the career of your dreams, it is imperative that you create goals and milestones that will help you achieve the career status that you’re after. (more…)

Posted August 19, 2013 by

Trouble with Career Advancement for Workers in their Thirties with Entry Level Jobs

Young professionals who have had entry level jobs for a while may be wondering why they are not advancing in the workplace.  If you’re one of them, the following post gives you an idea why this may be happening.

Why thirty-somethings are still in entry-level jobs. The proportion of recent university graduates working in lower-skill jobs has barely budged over the past 15 years, but an increasing share of older university-educated workers…

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Posted August 07, 2013 by

Don’t Know What Career to Choose Before Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs? 10 Questions to Make the Right Choice

As a young professional, searching for recent graduate jobs will likely be much harder if you don’t know what career you’re interested in.  In the following post, consider 10 questions that will help you make the best decision.

Choosing a career path can be a confusing, complicated and—at worst—depressing experience. With so much pressure to follow your dreams, become a success and have all your sh*t together by age 25, it’s no surprise the phrase “career planning” can get your heart racing. But finding a career you actually

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