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4 Reasons to Get a New Entry Level Job as an Entrepreneur

Do you feel that your current entry level job is not going anywhere and want more control of your career?  The following post provides four reasons for you to consider becoming an entrepreneur.

Almost everyone can find a place in corporate America. It’s usually working a cog-in-the-wheel position that’s demanding, yet unrewarding, and lacks room for growth. But that’s not an employee-employer relationship…that’s called getting used. Corporate loyalty sounds like an oxymoron these days. How can you

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4 Compelling Reasons to Leave Your Job and Become Your Own Boss

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Tired of Your Entry Level Job? Remember 10 Tips to Keep Your Sanity During Career Transition

Are you thinking about leaving your entry level job?  While a career transition might seem a little scary, it is possible to keep your sanity in the process by remembering 10 tips in the following post.

Changing careers could drive anyone out of their mind. With all the uncertainty, stress and fear that come with the territory, you might be tempted to stay in a less-than-stellar job. But here’s the good news: you can take the leap to a better gig without having your head explode

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10 Tips for Changing Careers Without Losing Your Mind

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How do You Make a Major Career Change?

"Your New Career" black and white sign, with blue sky and clouds

“Your New Career” black and white sign, with blue sky and clouds. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

A major career change can be inspired from a number of different possibilities. Maybe you’re not making enough money to live comfortably, or maybe your work absorbs so much of your time you never get to see your family. The reasons as to why could be endless; leading to various points of view differing from one individual to another. This is about how to make it happen should you be one of these individuals. Take a few things into consideration: (more…)

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Five career transition tips for Jay-Z, Jimmy Fallon and you

Pointed arrow with New Career Ahead on road surface

Pointed arrow with New Career Ahead on road surface. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Sending shockwaves across the nation, news of career transitions by two of New York City’s most prominent entertainers recently made headlines. First came news that rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z was adding sports agent to his long list of job titles, representing New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. The move coincided with the introduction of Roc Nation Sports, the newest arm of Jay-Z’s management company, Roc Nation. Next, NBC confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over the hosting duties of “The Tonight Show” in spring 2014. The news had been widely rumored and included an announcement that the show – which is currently shot in Los Angeles – would be moving to The Big Apple. (more…)

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Job Transition Tips And Advice

CollegeRecruiter.comIf you believe that the time has come to change your job, it is important to go forward with determination and a clear vision. It is natural to start to feeling stuck in a rut when having been employed in the same position for a prolonged amount of time. Although the economy may not appear so buoyant as it once was, there are still ample employment opportunities available for suitable candidates. Before you hand in your resignation notice, it would be in your interest to familiarize yourself with advice in relation to undertaking a job transition. (more…)

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How Recruiters and Hiring Managers can Help Candidates Make an Informed Career Decision

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Candidates are decision makers too. Patty Van Leer of NAS Recruitment Communications understands that.  I had a chance to speak with Patty at Taleo World.  I asked her what we can do to help candidates make a more informed career decision.  She offers three clear suggestions on what can be done to the candidate experience.  Click PLAY below and hear what she has to say.  Then scroll down to read more. (more…)

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Job Interview Techniques: Re-entering The World of Work and Changing Careers

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Creating a self-inventory and doing some basic preparation can make a big difference in the way you view yourself and as a result how others see you.

1. Focus on your “transferable skills.”

When you change careers the focus will be on your “transferable” or “portable” skills. These are skills you have used at any and every job or situation you have been in, including volunteer work and school. (more…)

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3 Key Resume Changes You Need to Make Now if You’re Changing Careers

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Going through a career change and wondering what you need to do to make your resume right?  Here are three key areas of your resume that you need to make adjustments to when switching careers:

1. Your Job Target/Job Title: Make sure you’re not falling into the trap of listing multiple job targets or titles at the top of your resume.  I know it can be tempting when you’re qualified for more than one type of role—or you’re seeking something … anything … different from what you’re doing now.  Instead, focus on one position at a time, and put this at the top of your resume: (more…)

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Take Control of Your Career

William Frierson of CollegeRecruiter.comIf you are not satisfied with your current job, it may be time to consider a change.  However, not necessarily changing jobs within the same career field, but moving to a different one altogether.  While you might be hesitant at first to do so, making a career change could be what you need not only for success in the workplace, but your happiness.  Here are some tips to help you make a career transition: (more…)

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Left Behind – Making Your Move in Your Job Search

Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

Career AlleyThe other day I had to start my day in a different building for my company. While I’ve visited this building many times, I never started my day there. As luck would have it, the building is the same subway stop as my previous job (some 3 years ago). So I headed directly to the corner coffee guy and, believe it or not, he not only remembered me from 3 years ago, but also remembered how I liked my coffee! We chatted for awhile and it was as if time was turned back to 3 years. I then realized that, although I had moved to a new job and my little world changed, everything that existed in my previous routine continued on as if in some parallel universe. So, I’m sure you are wondering, what’s the point? Changing jobs is a big deal. Your entire routine changes, new people, new responsibilities and new pressure to perform (maybe a new city or country). So often we forget that the “change management” aspect of a new job. There are many reasons to change your job: new opportunity, more pay, job loss, etc. And, while everything changes, everything also stays the same. Today’s post is about managing the change. (more…)