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Posted July 21, 2014 by

Writing Cover Letters for Jobs, Recent College Graduates? 4 Things They Should Achieve

When writing cover letters for jobs, recent college graduates should make sure they achieve four things.  Find out what they are in the following post.

Every element, from top to bottom, of your cover letter is important. To impress the reader (and to get them to take longer than 6.2 seconds on your resume), though, there are four goals every cover letter you send must accomplish…

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Top 5 Entry Level Jobs with the Best Salaries

College grads looking for entry level jobs with high pay might want to consider the top five positions, according to the following post.

Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 5 highest paid entry level jobs in the US. All of the following positions are suitable for someone who has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the…

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Posted December 02, 2013 by

Want to Work in Criminal Justice? 7 Entry Level Jobs to Consider

Are you pursuing or already have a criminal justice degree?  What kind of position would you like to have in the field?  The following post has seven entry level jobs you might be interested in.

If you’re trying to get started in criminal justice, consider one of these great entry level criminal justice jobs!

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Posted August 29, 2013 by

Looking to Find Jobs for College Students? Start by Creating a Quality Resume

For some students about to begin college, they may have a desire to make some extra cash.  So, if you’re looking to find jobs for college students, start by creating a quality resume.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’re close to graduation and you’re interested in finding yourself a college job, having a polished and well-written resume is definitely a must! This.

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Posted June 11, 2013 by

10 Entry Level Jobs That Are In Demand for College Graduates

Are you one of many college graduates searching for entry level jobs?  If so, you may want to explore 10 positions in demand in the following post.

‘Tis the season of college graduation, and the interwebs are flooded with advice for new grads, soon-to-be grads and aspiring grads. But after the mortar boards go up and the champagne goes down, there’s one question on every new grad’s mind: How the heck can I find a job that

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10 Hot Careers for College Grads

Posted June 04, 2013 by

Entry Level Jobs that May Interest Recent Graduates with an MBA

Are you looking for some entry level jobs that might suit you well with an MBA?  The following post has some opportunities.

Entry level positions for most careers pay entry level wages. No surprise there. Careers offer more rewards than just salary, of course. But, make no mistake, increased earnings in the first few years of employment offers a leg up on saving for retirement, paying down debt, and opening investment opportunities.

Here are a few careers that offer healthy salaries out of the starting gate for business graduates.


Top Entry Level Jobs New MBAs Might Consider | Graziadio Voice …

Posted May 08, 2013 by

Interviewing for Recent Graduate Jobs? Remember 9 Lessons from a College Grad

For each interview you have, there is an opportunity to learn something.  If you are looking for recent graduate jobs, learn some lessons in the following post that may help you when preparing for this important meeting.

The better your interview skills, and the better you understand how to navigate job application process, the better your chances at landing a job. So whether you receive an offer or not, treat every interview as a learning experience. Although they can be stressful, try to keep your eyes and ears open so you can build on your interviews to

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9 Lessons Learned the Hard Way From 9 Job Interviews

Posted January 07, 2013 by

5 Reasons for Post-Acceptance Job Rejections

CollegeRecruiter.comSo, now you have finally received a job offer and have chosen to accept it.  However, before you start working, you change your mind.  The following post gives reasons why you may reject a job offer after previously accepting it.

With last month’s unemployment rate at 7.8 percent, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone in this economy would turn down a job offer, especially after already accepting the position. Yet, that is not the case. I’ve encountered many professionals (including those in prominent media outlets and Fortune 500 companies) who have advised me 1) you do not have to take the first job offer you receive 2) you are free to change your mind and 3) if you aren’t having fun in the position you’re working in, leave.

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5 Reasons for Post-Acceptance Job Rejections