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Posted August 13, 2015 by

10 tips to successfully handle your telephonic interview

Hasibuddin Ahmed

Hasibuddin Ahmed

It might be a shocking revelation but do you know that more than 50% of the total applicants for a job get rejected over the phone. Yeah, that is a lot of numbers for just a simple phone call, one may think. But that’s where most of the applicants go wrong, deeming it as a simple phone call. It is the starting of your life’s most important journey if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job. Instead of going on a job application frenzy all over the top job sites available, here are some tips you should keep in mind once you get a chance for an interview call. (more…)

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Staying Productive While Working from Home

Sarah Landrum photo

Sarah Landrum

Working from home is an excellent opportunity. It allows you the flexibility and freedom to create your own schedule, the ability to work when it suits you and provides a level of comfort that can be hard to find elsewhere.

It’s also not a walk in the park. Ask anyone who works from home, or who has worked from home at some point in their professional career, and they’ll echo a similar statement: working from home is great, but finding the motivation to be productive and to avoid distractions can be a challenge.

Looking to branch out and try something new? Want to give working from home a chance? That’s great. Follow the tips below for staying productive while working from home. (more…)

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Tips for Staying Positive During Job Interviews

Portrait of happy female candidate gesturing thumbs up with interviewers in background

Portrait of happy female candidate gesturing thumbs up with interviewers in background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Staying positive during a job interview is essential. No one wants to hire someone that seems to be miserable or unsure of their skills. You’ve scoured the Internet to find job opportunities and conduct your job search, now you need to stay focused and nail the interview.

If you freeze during an interview, the following tips will help you to stay positive. (more…)

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No Mistaking It: Job Search Sins that Will Ruin Your Interview

So, your entry level job interview is going great, and you feel confident about getting the job.  Then, what happens?  You make that costly mistake that leaves a negative impression with the interviewer.  While you might be a little bit nervous going into an interview, you do not want those nerves to get the best of you.  Do your best to avoid the following job search sins that will ruin your interview. (more…)

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Looking to Find an Internship or a Job? Things Not to Do During Your Interview

If you’re trying to find an internship or a job, there are certain things you don’t want to do to hurt your chances.  Find out what they are from an infographic featured in the following post.

Would you ever bring your parents to a job interview? Get that last second cigarette in so the smoker’s stench was extra pervasive? Maybe even have a strong drink or two beforehand to steady your nerves? Like you, we are surprised how many job seekers, if they were being 100% honest,

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What’s inside an interviewer’s mind?

Businesswoman interviewing male candidate for a job

Businesswoman interviewing male candidate for a job. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

As a fresh graduate you may falsely assume that it is your qualifications that can get you through a job interview.  However, your qualifications can only lead you to an interview call. The rest of it depends on your ability to effectively articulate your credentials and potential contributions. The way you deliver your message has an immense importance in an interview. Besides, it’s important for you to be a mind reader. You must know the expectations of an interviewer so that you can meet them.  Make sure you have a good look at these six eye openers before you go for your next interview. (more…)

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Are You Prepared to Land an Entry Level Job in Your Upcoming Interview? 11 Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression

If you are about to interview for an entry level job, make sure you’re fully prepared for this opportunity.  The following post features 11 tips to help you make a great impression with the interviewer.

Your resume impressed, and you did well in your phone screen. You’ve made it to the face-to-face interview. You’ve set yourself apart from other candidates and showed you have the potential a recruiter looks for in a future employee. The next step is to pass the in-person interview. To do just that

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Dress for Success on Day One of Your Entry Level Job

Your appearance is part of what makes you a professional in the workplace.  So make sure you send this message on day one of your new entry level job.  Consider some advice to help you dress for success in the following post.

First impressions matter, and how you dress on the first day of a new entry-level job permanently affects your co-workers’ and supervisors’ impressions of you. Many people are unsure of how to dress for the first day of an…

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How to Dress for Your First Day of Entry-Level Job : Non-Stop Jobs

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The interview process: What NOT to do

Young man in a job interview with two people

Young man in a job interview with two people. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Even for seasoned job market veterans, looking for a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. And if you’re conducting your first job search after college, the stress can be especially overwhelming. Still, the chance of accidentally stumbling upon the perfect job is slim. Like it or not, you’re probably going to have to put in some effort in order to line up interviews with potential employers. And even then, nothing is guaranteed. In fact, research shows that there are a variety of ways you can inadvertently blow your hopes of getting hired. Luckily, a small amount of preparation and knowledge of “what not to do” can go a long way. Here are some of the top interview blunders to avoid: (more…)

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Dress for Success If You Want that Promotion

While your skills and qualifications may make you an ideal candidate for a promotion at work, don’t overlook the importance of your personal appearance.  A poor image could stand in the way of career advancement.

A word of advice for workers considering wearing pajamas, a chicken suit or parachute pants to the office: Don’t. In a survey from OfficeTeam, eight in 10 (80 percent) executives interviewed said clothing choices affect an employee’s chances of earning a promotion, and respondents gave some pretty hilarious examples of outfits that missed the mark. (more…)