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Posted February 10, 2014 by

About to Graduate and Begin Your Entry Level Job Search? Here’s Your Checklist

It won’t be long now before you graduate from college and begin your entry level job search.  The following post includes a checklist of things to consider on your way to finding employment.

We’re locked deeply into winter, and yet spring will soon, well, spring… and many college students will have only days remaining in their college career. Right about then, the question turns from “Will I ever get my degree?” to “What am I going to do with that degree?” Let’s start warming up your job search now, and

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Posted January 06, 2014 by

Build a Focused Resume for Your Entry Level Job Search

If you want to get a specific job, then it makes sense to build a resume specific to that job.  In the following post, learn how to construct a resume for your entry level job search that is tailor made for your dream job.

From our partner site… By Martin Yate, CPC Show me a stalled job search and I’ll show you a flawed resume. First of all, to be successful your resume must focus on a specific target job. That general

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Posted December 26, 2013 by

Uncomfortable Networking About Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Find a Style that Works for You

While networking about jobs for recent college graduates might seem scary at first, it can become easier if you find a style of interaction that best suits your comfort level.  Learn more in the following post.

I admit it: I really hate networking. The mediocre speakers, the waiting in line with a bunch of strangers to get an ugly laminated nametag, the surprise “sell” at the end, the crummy food, the awkward standing around wondering what everyone else is thinking, the forced mingling…

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Posted December 26, 2013 by

Searching for an Entry Level Job at a Startup? Try These 6 Networking Strategies

If you’re interested in finding an entry level job at a startup, consider six networking strategies for your job search in the following post.

To land a startup gig, you’ve got to network. You’ve heard it before — networking is essential for almost any kind of job hunt — but it’s especially true for startups. Here’s why: when building a team, startup founders rely on their network to separate the signal from the noise: Every


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Posted December 16, 2013 by

Is Your Friend Without an Entry Level Job? Be Careful What You Say

If you have an entry level job, but your friend is without one, be grateful.  You also need to be careful how to approach talking about your friend’s job search.  Get some advice in the following post.

Your friend’s out of work. But while she scrambles to make ends meet and worries about the future, you’re heading into a stable workplace every day and collecting a steady paycheck. Her predicament puts your cranky boss and overloaded inbox in perspective, and you’re doing everything you can to provide her with leads. You also try to mind


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Posted October 07, 2013 by

Need Some Tips to Boost Your Entry Level Job Search? Here Are 4 to Get You Going

If you have been searching for an entry level job without much luck, it’s easy to get discouraged.  However, the following post has four tips to re-energize your job search.

For some, the idea of starting a job search seems positively overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve been doing a little searching here and there, and can’t find any big momentum. Now you sense the impending cusp of the new year, but you’re not sure how you’re going to make progress before then. I’ve got 4 tips for you that

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Posted September 10, 2013 by

College Recruiter Shares Job Search Tips

College students who are looking for some help with their job searches should consider tips in the following post from a current college recruiter.

College recruiting gears up for the school year. By Hope Buehler on September 6, 2013 at 3:46 PM. Posted in: Working at GEICO. With the school year here, GEICO recruiters will be busy and may be in your area. How can you best prepare to…

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Posted September 06, 2013 by

Searching for Your First Entry Level Job? 5 Factors to Consider Besides the Money

As you’re looking for your first entry level job, be careful not to base your decision just on salary.  The following post identifies five other factors to consider in your job search.

If you’ve just graduated college and are unemployed, you’re probably dedicating every waking moment to one task: finding a job. In this economy, it can be difficult to find a job at all, let alone a full-time one in your field. With thousands of dollars in college loans, many new


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Posted August 29, 2013 by

Looking to Find Jobs for College Students? Start by Creating a Quality Resume

For some students about to begin college, they may have a desire to make some extra cash.  So, if you’re looking to find jobs for college students, start by creating a quality resume.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’re close to graduation and you’re interested in finding yourself a college job, having a polished and well-written resume is definitely a must! This.

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Posted July 08, 2013 by

Internship Programs Not Only Provide Jobs for College Students, But Also High School Students

In addition to internships being jobs for college students, opportunities also exist for those in high school.  In the following post, find out what some high schools are doing to keep an eye on their internship programs.

Featured: Not Featured We’ve all heard the chatter about unpaid versus paid internships over the past few weeks. Internship programs at companies of all sizes have been put into question. Are these internship experiences legal? Are these companies providing structured opportunities? Who is looking after the students? We just launched our Intern Queen


How High School’s Are Staying On Top Of Internship Programs