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Job Placement Agencies – For inland and overseas opportunities

Woman in front of her co-workers during a recruitment office meeting

Woman in front of her co-workers during a recruitment office meeting. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Many job placement & recruitment services offer not only inland job opportunities, but overseas opportunities as well. These recruitment agencies typically offer a variety of services designed to aid their clients in finding the right job or beginning a career in a new area. One major advantage in using such a service offered by an agency is that it already knows the area and the job market you are considering relocating to.

Services provided by these agencies cater to both domestic and international clients. These services often include a full consultation designed to help them get a better feel for their needs. They also offer a great insight as to the needs and job opportunities in various areas which can be a great asset. (more…)

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Jobs for College Students – Managing Your Fall Internship and Part-time Employment

Will you be trying to take on multiple jobs for college students this fall, such as an internship and a part-time job?  If so, the following post has tips for managing the internship side of your responsibilities.

Featured: Featured You just landed a fall internship in Fashion PR — you are clearly on top of your game! The agency wants you to come in a few days per week and you aren’t sure exactly which days to devote to your internship. Here are a few factors to consider

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Juggling a Fall Internship and a Part-Time Job

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Employment Agency – What One Can Get by Hiring Their Services?

Information about a recruitment agency business

Information about a recruitment agency business. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Employment agency services are utilized by many people so they can find a job. Whether you are looking for immediate work placement or just trying to see what are the opportunities available in the job market, signing up with a job agency is very beneficial. So it is worthy to be considered.

You can widen your job search with an agency and can access a bigger area of the job market by getting aware about the more relevant posts as well as contacts. (more…)

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7 Tips to Make the Most of Your First Entry Level PR Job

College graduates who have landed jobs for communication majors in public relations may need some advice on finding success in their new positions.  If you are one of them, the following post has helpful tips.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve had a couple internships, your first entry level PR job will throw you more than a few curve balls. Expect to learn more practical knowledge in the first four to six months than you crammed into your brain throughout your entire college career. Follow these 7 tips to survive as a PR underling and you might end up throwing a few pitches yourself.


7 Tips for Surviving Your First Entry Level PR Job | The HooHireWire

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Career in Counseling

Are you interested in counseling as a career?  If so, the following post has more information about some entry level job opportunities in the field.

According to the American Counseling Association: What does the counseling profession entail?Professional Counselors are graduate level (either master’s or doctoral degree) mental health service providers, trained to work with individuals, families, and groups in treating mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders. A Professional Counselor will possess a master’s or doctoral degree in one

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Career in Counseling

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Five questions to ask yourself before meeting with your federal employees

CollegeRecruiter.comBefore evaluating their employees, federal employers need to know they can offer them valuable feedback.  The following post has some questions they should ask themselves in preparing for these meetings.

With the new fiscal year just beginning, now is the perfect time for federal leaders to have one-on-one conversations with their employees about expectations, performance and results, as well as offer feedback and coaching to help them continuously improve and succeed.

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Five questions to ask yourself before meeting with your federal employees