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Posted May 10, 2013 by

Why Entry Level Job Seekers Should Keep Their Options Open

Even though you may have a goal of getting a specific entry level job, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep an open mind to other opportunities.  In the following post, learn some reasons not to limit your job search.

Close-minded job seekers, beware: you may be sabotaging your own job search. In an economy where most job seekers are finding the process more difficult than in the past, it’s foolish to believe some tasks or projects aren’t for you. It’s quite the opposite. Any job that can help you to be a


3 Reasons Job Seekers Should Be Willing to Do Anything

Posted March 14, 2013 by

Choosing Your Path: Why an MBA is the Way to Go

3D figure with an MBA

3D figure with an MBA. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Some claim that an MBA is not absolutely necessary for you to embark on a career in business; so then what is the point of getting one? There are several obvious benefits to an online Masters in Business Administration Specialization and a few not-so-obvious ones as well. Among the obvious benefits are that it equips you with skills in management and a well-rounded knowledge-base to prepare you for a broad range of tasks and responsibilities. (more…)

Posted January 07, 2013 by

6 Ways to Use Facebook Advertising for Recruiting

CollegeRecruiter.comEmployers who use social media for advertising may be interested in the following post, which shares ways to recruit with Facebook.

Facebook, like recruiting, seems to be ever evolving. While many are up in arms over the changing page and fan terms, a new “custom audience” feature can be used for social recruiting in entirely new ways.

Essentially, custom audience campaigns are highly targeted campaigns that go out to laser focused candidates and prospects. Since marketers and recruiters follow very similar guidelines when reaching out to their audiences, here are 6 ways you can use the new feature in your social recruiting strategies:

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6 Ways to Use Facebook Advertising for Recruiting

Posted September 07, 2012 by

3 Top Industries for College Grads Looking for Entry-Level Jobs

KAS Placement CEO Ken Sundheim, a frequent content contributor to, was recently interviewed by Fox News about how recent college graduates should approach their job search. He gave some great tips but one really jumped out at me. He said that right now, the following three industries are hiring a lot of recent graduates:

  1. Consumer goods;
  2. Social media; and
  3. Advertising. (more…)